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Intro Lab

Energy, Work, & Power in Action!

1. Read this lab.  Talk to your group members and make sure you know what you're doing and what materials you need to get.  Decide who is going to do what in your group before you get up and go in the lab area.

2. Copy the data table in a Google spreadsheet, and make sure it is shared with all of your group members.  You will also make your graph in this spreadsheet.

3. Copy the questions at the end of the lab into a Google Doc, and make sure it is shared with all of your team members.

4. Do the lab, making sure everyone is wearing safety goggles and not bouncing the balls when you are not supposed to do.

5. Make sure when you are done with the lab procedure that you answer the questions as a team.  Turn in your Google Doc and Spreadsheet in Edmodo.

So you did the lab--what does that have to do with energy, work, or power?

6. Look at your lab results in your graph.  With your team (and put the answer to this at the end of your Google doc with the lab questions), answer this question:

How did your ball show the concepts of energy, work, and power?

Need to know what those words are?  Look them up first and then apply these concepts to what happened in your lab.  In other words, use what work, power, and energy are to explain why your ball bounced to different heights as you dropped it from different heights.  This is Level 5 thinking practice.

When your team is done answering the question, we will review it together as a class.