4. Objective #3: Work & Power

How are work, power, and energy connected?
a. I can calculate work done on an object.
b. I can calculate power using the equation for power.
c. I can differentiate between work and power when given
        multiple examples.

Getting to know work and energy

1. Look up what work and power are (the physics definitions). Summarize what they are at a level 4in a Google Doc.

2. Think about what energy is. In your Google Doc, connect what energy is to what work and power are.

3. Share your doc with someone and have them read your connection from #2. Have them leave a comment along the side (Click "Insert" and then "Comment") stating what you did will and what you still need to add.

4. Do the practice problems in the documents below. Make a copy of each document, and then type in your WORK and ANSWER for each problem, making sure the correct units are on your answers.

Work & Power Problems #1 (Check your answers on p. 3 of the document when you're finished--no peeking!)

        GET THEM ALL RIGHT or ONLY MISS ONE? Go take the progress check in Juno now.

        MISSED 2 OR MORE? Do the practice problems here, making sure to show your work and put those
        proper units on your answers. Check your answers on page three of the document when you're done (no 

Get those all right or miss only one? Go take the progress check now. Still having problems? See Mrs. E.

Ready for the final progress check?  Let's take stock of where you're at with your learning, and what you still need to do to reach a level 4.  Make a copy of this spreadsheet, and fill it out based on your last progress checks for each objective.  Then, for any I can statement at which you are not at a 4, look at your progress checks and determine what you don't know or don't understand.  Then, state how you will fix your knowledge before tomorrow's progress check.

After you figure out what you're going to do, fix your knowledge!