Class Will


I, Pete Black, being of sound mind and body, do hereby will my hard work on the Annual Staff to Sharon R., all my good grades and good times at M.C.H.S. to my sister, Dianne.

I, Rusty Bond, will my Model "A" to Costa A., my scatter-arm in football to Buck M., my love of math to Clark C., and my clean living to Pug.

I, John Bordewin, being of sound mind will my "temac" back to Frank De Bartolo to do with as he wishes.

I, Charlotte Boyer, being of sound mind do will my ability to make good grades in Biology to Jerry Kegsley and my sincere trust in Marty Blankchek.

I, Margaret Brendel, will my ability to take pictures to Shirley, my Wednesday nights to Maureen, my knack for being on time to Susie, nothing to Cathie, Ft. Pierce to C.M., K.K, and J.C., and happiness to Linda and Wayne.

I, Linda Brown, will all my good times at M.C.H.S. to Louise Triay and Barbara Trout and all my love to Fred Wall.

I, Linda Combs, being in my usual half-crazy (?) state, leave the yearbook editorship to anyone fortunate enough to enjoy the hard work and pleasure of working with a great staff, my experience as hostess to an exchange student to anyone lucky enough to get it, my good times at M.C.H.S. to my Rainbow sisters, the uncomparable experience of being a mighty Senior to Jo Ann and Louise, and the ability to get the red paint from under my fingernails to next year's Seniors. Last but by no means least, I will my certain smile for a Vanderbilt junior to no one but him.

I, Holly Comstock, hereby will my seat on the Hobe Sound bus and ability to drive without a licence to David, my fun in second period to Ginny, Louise, and Barb, and all my love to that special someone.

I, Lawrence Corliss, being of questionable mind and body, will my love for real gone twist music to David Duncan and Jan Leighton; my romantic moods to Orlando Wright; my tennis ability (ha, ha) to Jerry Merklinger; my senior parties to the next senior class; my best wishes to Kenny and Virginia; a can of red paint to those who like to paint on streets and myself to the class of '64.

I, Steve Cosden, leave my Physycs book to Elaine Pike, and my great knowledge of English to Karen Jensen.

I, Charlotte, here by will to my sister, Carrie Bryant, the fun of my Junior and Senior years in school. To Linda Sue Hennsley my good grades; to Wayne Griffin, I will my books.

I, Harold Crews, will to anyone who is crazy enough to take Mechanical Drawing my unwquare T-square.

I, Judy Crews, being of sound mind, do hereby will my beat-up car to Mary (Hoss) Lane, if I can get a new one, to Margaret, Susie, Karyl, and Carolyn some good luck in Ft. Pierce.

I, Bob Crowder, do hereby will all my snakes to Mr. Childers, Mr. Coffman, and the Science department; my rock throwing ability to Orlando W.; a can of red paint to the class of '64; and nuttin' else to nobody. Excuse me, I will this double negative to Mrs. Jackson.

I, Sue Dahlquist, will all my Senior Slumber Partiesand camping trips to the unsuspecting Junior Girls, all those poor sick students to "Nursie", my quick get-aways to "Lane Brain Jane", my historic nap times to Mr. Clark and all my great times (work and fun) at M.C.H.S. to everyone, and my powderpuff touchdown to next years senior fullback.

I, Joe Darvill, hereby will my ability to do "Temac" to Costa, my ability to dance to Annette, and an extra point to Phillip Mathews.

I, Patty Denny, will all my good times at MCHS to Henry and Judy, my good times in Ft. Pierce ti Linda and Margie, my good and bad times at parties and my ability to drive to doris, my temper and S.F. to Ann, my hairdo to Perry and Lance, and my lipstick and short skirts to Nursie.

I, Mike Fogt, being of sound mind will my trusty bloodhound, Rock, and my warm socks to Frances, a rusty set of barbells to my brother, Dan, and a coolred sweater to Barbara C. And Judy H.

I, John Fox, will my formalin and specimens to Mr. Coffman; my saddism to Charles Adamms, deceased!, und mein Deutsch zu Marika. Quid-me vexari?

I, Susie Fredricksen, being of sound mind, do hereby will my fun in my senior year to any junior; my ability to take inventory to Margaret; my Ft. Pierce nights to Carolyn, Judy and Carol; and my car to no one.

I, Linda Gaskins, will all my books and good will to Ann Harrison in her senior year.

I, Marika Gerhardt, will my inefficiency doing undesirable chores to Joyce Smiley, and my full height of 4' 11" to a certain tall Junior by the name of Arden Brannan.

I, Nancy Gilson, will the station wagon to Judy, Hot Rod to Jon, my ability not to talk in class to Clarise, my used steno-pads to Miss Shuck, and the best of luck to the future seniors and to my Rainbow sisters.

I, Joan Gossett, will my role as "Aunt Drusilla" in Scary Hollow to my brother, James. I will my talk-i-tiveness on the bus to Leon Howard. I will my hair teasing to Joyce Smiley; my ability to put my foot in my mouth to Orlando who already does a pretty good job, my nightmares of arranging the N.H.S. initiation to Arden Brannan, and most of all, I will all the fun I've had in my senior year to the future seniors.

I, Jon Grey, being of sound mind and body leave my natural abundance of hair to Mr. Parrish and all of my other important possessions to Sandy.

I, Barry Harless, will Mervin and ??? my lucky "J".

I, James Harris, being of sound mind leave all my valuable possessions to no one.

I, Al Hendricks, will all my love to Finny, a new Ford to Bob, a girdle to Lance and a hand shake to Orlando. Also a sense of humor to Louise and all my good times to everyone.

I, Shirley Higbee, hereby will my good times at MCHS to Jackie Wortham, my paper cups and pylon to Betty; and my Christmas vacation to no one.

I, Cathie Hoke, will my painting ability to Sandee Dale, my jeep to Joann C. And Dianne N.; my good times at MCHS to Mary Lane and my ability to get along with Mama C to Carolyn Gray.

I, Paula Hudepohl, being of sound mind? Hereby bequeath to all future students of MCHS all the good times I have had, to Marie I wish all the success and happiness in life which she deserves, and to a certain someone all my love.

I, Dave Husnander, will my ability to get along with Karen Broome to any boy who will take it, my hat to Joe Darvill and my backseat to Gloria Kramer.

I, Doug Johnson, will Orlando Wright and Jimmy Billman a better party next time and the Nurses Office to the up-coming seniors for a senior lounge.

I, Pat Jones, will all my mistakes to Miss Shuck and my ability to laugh to anyone who can't.

I, Karyl Kennedy, hereby will my excellent eyesight to Peggy Burchard and all my pencils to Betty Higbee to go with her paper cups.

I, Marie Kilbourne, do hereby bequeath to M.C.H.S. the fun ?? of having five more Kilbournes graduate here. To Paula I will a certain something and all the luck in the world. To my little brother Danny, I will my luck ?? and great success with everything he tries. To Linda C., I will my hat. To that certain someone all my love. All the fun I have had at M.C.H.S. I leave to my little brothers.

I, Martin Klim, do hereby bequeath all my bills and debts to anyone who has money. The rest of my possessions (?) go to Renee'.

I, Doug Kraft, will my past years in M.C.H.S. to anyone who wants them.

I, Gary Lindwurm, being of sound mind (I hope), do hereby will my test tubes to Sammy Damron; my "Temac" books to Marty Blanchet; all the fun I have had in speech to Jo Ann Andrews, Lucy Weich, and David Duncan. To Lorraine Antos my slide rule; my lab-Assistant's job to Arden Brannan and Sandee Dale; to Glee Foster, I leave my chemistry and physics notes and any old handy wash-bottles; to Lynn Wheeler I leave her, Marty; to Linda Fieldman all of the old score sheets; and to next years seniors the best of luck.

I, Linda Lovvorn, will all of my pep to Margaret B., my height to Maureen Kendall (Shorty), and my good times at M.C.H.S. to Gordon, Lucy, Charlotte, and Andrea, and all my love to Wayne.

I, Gloria Mariotti, being of sound mind and body will my good times to Louise Triay (on Saturday nights) and my good times in the office to LindaFeldman.

I, Diane Martin, being of sound mind and body hereby will all my good times in and out of school to Sandy Mariotti and David Chambers. The back seat on the Hobe Sound bus to anyone who likes to ride in the Hunk of Junk and all my love to that special Hobe Sound guy.

I, Darline McCoy, do hereby will all my good times at M.C.H.S. to my brother Joe; my ability to not get caught to Danny B; my height to Phillip M.; my battered tennis racket to Mary Lane, and all my love to "Dumbo".

I, John McKenzie, being of sound mind and body? Will my math grades to my sister Delores. If I have anything else to will whoever wants it, can have it.

I, Mitchelle Miller, do hereby will my name to anyone silly enough to take it; my sloppy class minutes to Glee Foster; my bad algebra tests to David Chambers; the holes in my cheeks to "Crip", my lawnmower to Joe Rogers; my "Intimate" to Karen Broome; and the Senior Lounge to all the deserving Juniors.

I, Donna Moore, will all of my happy moments at M.C.H.S. to Jan L., Sandie, and Betty; my abused Rambler to Carolyn, Ann, and Jan. My B. blonde hair and "Dutch Treat Days" to J.D. and all the good things in life to Mitch.

I, Carolyn Mosley, being of unsound mind do hereby will my loads of fun in my Senior year to Dan and Marcia; to Judy, Karyl, Susie, and Margaret lots of luck in Ft. Pierce on Friday nights, and a bottle of peroxide to Donna.

I, Brenda Odom. Being of sound mind will my good times at M.C.H.S. to Jo Ann, my ability to make straight A's, ha, to Jerry and all my love to a certain soldier.

I, Maureen Papsidero, hereby will my good times at M.C.H.S. to the Juniors, my driving ability to Shirley Higbee, my working habits to Cathie and Margaret, and my love to the guy in the future.

I, Kathy Randolph, hereby will the sr. girls to Danny, Marty, and Buck; and Bergie to next year's cheerleaders.

I, Peggy Raphel, will all the fun I've had at MCHS to my sister, Jane; my cheerleading position to Karen, Jo Ann, Arlene and Glee; sixth period to the B squad; my abominable nickname "Piggy" to someone who eats more than I do; my ability to splatter everyone with paint to someone with a can of turpentine; our wild slumber parties to no one; our idiotic camping trip to the bugs and chiggers; the senior lounge to the juniors; and the Nurse's Office to "Nursie".

I, Carolyn Riley, leave to my sister, Kathleen Riley, her so called Boiler Room.

I, Julie Rogers, will my love for travel, Spanish and Latins to anyone who wants some "foreign" fun.

I, Perry Rucker, being of sound mind leave all my good times at parties to next year's class along with my ability to get along with my teachers.

I, Jan Schmidt, do hereby will my blue cadillac to Gloria K. in place of her green dragon, Lee Smith's nicotene fixes to Arlene, my ability to be nasty to Jo Ann Andrews; my bottles "Secret, Listerene, and Eden" to Karen Broome; my H2S gas to Sandee Dale; my lab assistant job to Barbara W.; and a new tooth brush to Mr. Roberts for his desk.

I, Lynne Sirota, will my ability to miss so many classes legally to my siste Gay, who already has a good start, my greatest affection to my second country, Honduras, and to all my Honduran brothers, sisters and friends, and "Todo Mi Amor" to a certain Guatemalan named Mario.

I, Becky Skinner, will all the fun in my junior year to my sister, Sharon, and my senior year to Mervin Waldron.

I, Jean Smiley, do hereby will my good times at MCHS to all the future students; my love of Phys. Ed. To my sisters; my wonderful times in Indiantown to anyone who looks for and finds them, and my smile to all happy jerks like me.

I, Joan Smiley, will to underclassmen the grand times in my senior year, my long bus ride to Mervin Waldron and the rest of the "Indiantowners", my position as correspondent to the Stuart News to anyone who thinks he has time for it and is ready to learn he doesn't, my name "Smiley" to whoever has the smile that goes with it; my wonderful times in Honduras to my sisters Joyce and Janet and my love to my one and always Mel.

I, Lee Smith, will my overwhelming height to Shorty Collins, a carton of Newports to my good buddy Orlando; my tennis playing and gold to Frances plus a bottle of weight reducing pills - she needs them.

I, Donna Snyder, hereby will my good times at MCHS to my sister, Norma, my good marks to David and my English exams to Joe Darvill.

I, Lorraine Starace, will to Carol Powers, Victor; to my brother I leave Curtis Cosden, to Sandy Baily I leave Mr. Atland and to Steve I leave my love.

I, Deanna Stevens, leave my good times at MCHS to Sharon Ross and Dolores Smith.

I, Ann Thompson, will all the fun I've had at parties and the good times in Ft. Pierce to anyone who wants to enjoy life. My common sense I leave to Patty and my love to Jim Sharpe.

I, Barbara Thum, being of sound mind and body, will my car to my brother Bobby, my lucky brown to Marianne, a pair of ear plugs to Marty, and all my confidence to Buck.

I, Randy Tilton, hereby will my big back seat to Mike and Nature Girl; my drawing ability to Betty K., my boat racing ability to Tom H. and my car to anyone with enough to keep it running.

I, Geralding Trussell, will all my good times at MCHS to my sister, Diane, and my brother, Ray; my books and all my love to Alan P.

I, Doris Uhl, hereby will my ability to drive carefully to Linda S.; my nights in Ft. Pierce to Margy W.; my brother Franz to Pat P. And all my parties that I attended to Henry and Judy....and last but not least I will Patty D. The ability and luck to get back a certain boy.

I, Pat Uhl, being of unsound mind and sound body do hereby will my good grades in Latin to Johnny Wood, a can of red paint and paint brush to Judy Burkey and all the fun I’ve had in MCHS to my little sister, Janice.

I, Bobby Voisenet, being of sound???? Mind will all of my fun at MCHS to everyone stuck with it; my helium sulfate generator to Mr. Roberts; my old temac answer books to Mr. Wells and my Skum-XX to Mr. Mikuska.

I, Jeanne Volk, will to anyone lucky enough to be in Mr. Clark’s class, the intelligence to know which way rivers flow and to all the boys in history class, a bar of soap....the kind to wash out their mouths. I also will to no one the guy who gave me the name "Little Tiger".

I, Richard Walish, being of confused mind and unreasonably sound body do hereby will my baratone playing ability to Mary (Hoss) Lane; myPSSC book to Sammy Damron; my Chem lab book to Patsy Pence; my math ability to JoAnn Andrews; my temac book to Steve Swain; my bowling average to Micky B.; my two wheeled terror to Mr. Jones; and all my love to M.M.

I, Lance Wall, being in small mind and body hereby will my long lost Tiger head to Margie W.; my good driving ability to Louise T. And all my fun at Miss Harris’ School to Orlando and Jimmy B.

I, Marianne Warder, leave my ability to make straight A’s in phys. Ed. To Jan Leighton and Betty K.; a roll of adhesive tape to Marty Rehnberg; my lucky green sweater to Barbara and my baggy green slacks to Buck.

I, Mary Williams, being of sound mind will all my good times at MCHS to Donna; my "big bad" Mercury to Jerry Kegley, and all my love to a certain guy.

End of class wills as published in 1963