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I am chaitanya about 3+ years.  I am fortunate to be the 1st kid for my parents'. My grand parents are so proud of me. They love me so much that it can not be expressed in words, though I shall try few here.

I'm been hugged and kissed million times a day. My mother prepares hot food and my father feeds me. They take turns to make sure that I eat enough to meet my growing needs. She hums, sings during my naptime until I get full sleep (Though I am bored of same song), but I am really enjoying my infant years. I wonder how my mother is having such an energy, I have bothered her in the night time and making her sleep discomfort alot of times. But she never hesistated in making me comfort and putting me back to sleep. My father plays with me in the morning and teaches me to be organized, reads to me and more. I am in the process of learning and communicating my needs, so that it will make life better for me and others. I'm trying to keep myself and my care-takers' busy when ever I am awake.

Wanna know which part of the world I live and how is the my sorroundings, I am right here juz click me to know the info.

I am constantly updating my webpages. So keep visiting my website often to see whats happening around here.

More to follow soon...

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