Future conferences/workshops I am organizing or co-organizing:

Optimization and Inference for Physical Flows on Networks, Banff International Research Station (Banff, Canada), March 2017

Second Grid Science Winter School & Conference, Santa Fe, NM, Jan 2017

Past conferences/workshops I have organized or co-organized:

Mathematical Models and Methods of the Analysis and Optimal Synthesis of the Developing Pipeline and Hydraulic Systems, Baikal/Irkutsk/Skoltech, Russia, Sep 2016

Shaping research in integrated gas-, heat- and electric- energy infrastructures (Moscow/Skoltech, Russia), May 2016

Physics Informed Machine Learning, Santa Fe, NM, Jan 2016

Advanced Mathematical Methods For Energy Systems: From Theory to Practice (Moscow/Skoltech, Russia), May 2015

Grid Science Winter School & Conference, Jan 12-16, 2015, Santa Fe, NM

DIMACS/CCICADA Workshop on Cascading Failures of Power Transmission Systems: Models and Algorithms, Feb 23, 2013

Power Grids as Complex Networks: Formulaitng Problems for Useful Science and Science Based Engineering, May 17-19, 2012, SFI, Santa Fe, NM

Statistical Physics of Control Theory, Sep 2012, Andalucia, Spain

Optimization and Control of Smart Grids (CNLS Annual Conference), Santa Fe NM, May 21-25, 2012

Smart Grids: Active Adaptive Power Networks, Nov 28-29, 2011, Moscow/Skolkovo

Counting, Inference and Optimization on Graphs, Nov 2-5, 2011, Princeton U, NJ

Physics of Algorithms, Aug 31 -Sep 4, 2009, Santa Fe 

Classical and Quantum Information Theory, March 24-28, 2008, Santa Fe

2D Turbulence, Aug 28-Sep 1, 2006, Los Alamos

Progress in Statistical Hydrodynamics, March 25-29, 2002, Santa Fe