Welcome to McGwerriton Organics!
Certified Organic Free Range Eggs Hormone Free Antibiotic Free Chemical Free Certified Organic Feed
Not just your average egg!
Our chickens are free to roam over acres of land. When they are ready to lay their eggs they naturally make their way to the specially made boxed areas and lay in their own time.

The birds are regularly rotated to different zones on the eighty-plus-acres of farm to ensure the healthiest and freshest conditions for both ground and chickens. No chemicals are used on the pasture at any time. We focus on a natural grass fed diet. Add to this, certified organic feed, and you have the highest quality and freshest produce from the local area available. We guarantee you’ll enjoy McGwerriton eggs.  


 We only do chicken eggs and if you are looking for a genuine McGwerriton egg, look for the 'SA23' stamp on our eggs!

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