About Us

We are a small family business operating out of the beautiful Adelaide Hills of South Australia.
At McGwerriton Organics we are all about the welfare of our chickens, farm sustainability and the nutritional value of our eggs.
Q. What Is Organic Free Range?

Organic means the hens are free-range, with a maximum of 1500 birds per hectare, roaming on quality pastures that are certified exempt from artificial fertilizers and chemical/poison contaminates, plus they eat top quality certified organic feed, are not de-beaked and have not been immunised with antibiotics.


Q. What’s the advantages of Organic Free-Range?

• Personal health • Animal health • Environmental health

If you want the best egg for your own health, obviously what the hen eats and the condition of the land in which it forages, is paramount. You can eat McGwerriton eggs with absolute confidence in their organic nutritional value, and poison-free prime quality. Plus, McGwerriton offers the freshness of prompt delivery from hen to supermarket shelf. Many mass-produced eggs sit for weeks between collecting, packing, transporting, and shelf-storage. The longer any product sits before being eaten, the more its nutritional optimum is depleted. That’s why 5 star restaurants choose our eggs. You pay a little more for this care and attention, but what’s your health worth? In the long run, there’s nothing more important than what you put into your body, and revitalising our damaged  environment.


At McGwerriton Organics our stocking density is an average of 550 birds per hectare, well under the organic standards. Our goal is to provide the best environment for our birds, ensuring their welfare and farm sustainability.