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0723 Sat PBC 4X

Today was an outing in the quad with Erik, Dan and Chip. We were supposed to have a light SW breeze but were surprised to find a NW wind coming right down the river at about 8 knots. The tide was coming in against the wind making for some nasty chop. We braved it down just short of the 14th street bridge and turned around. About half way back to the boathouse conditions improved and we started a 12' SS piece which you can see detailed below. We are now upriver from the boathouse and the wind has dropped off to about 4 knots due to the high river banks and the incoming tide has slowed. We then did two 4' pieces, one upriver and one downriver. These were followed with three pieces with 20 strokes on, 20 strokes off. 

The entire workout was recorded using CrewNerd. For some reason the recorded speeds/pace were very erratic. It took five smoothing iterations on to get the plot down to what you see here. It didn't used to be this bad and I don't know what is causing it but it might have something to do with a recent upgrade to my Bluetooth GPS Provider app. Next time I will use the phone's GPS. Also, on our river, there are numerous bridges and every time we row under a bridge, speed/pace anomalies occur. 

Plots and Analysis

Workout Summary
Workout Details
01|14639| 1:30:29 |0003:05|18.4|144.0|175.0|08.8

The plot above is a snapshot of an interactive plot available at where you can pan, zoom, resize, etc.).

Above is the "power" plot produced by
It is an interactive graph (pan, zoom, resize, etc.) which shows no-wind pace and equivalent erg pace.
Detailed Analysis
The first "piece" was a 12' SS at 24-30, average 26, against a headwind of about 5 knots and with a favorable stream of about 0.5 knots in choppy water.
We then did two 4' pieces, one in the same direction as the 12' piece, above, and the second in the other direction with a tailwind and adverse current. First piece (30 spm avg):
and the second (29 spm avg):
This is the power plot for the two 4' pieces. Remember that the first is upwind with the stream; the second downwind (light by now) and against the stream (also light by now):
Then followed three 20 stroke pieces with 20 strokes rest:
and here's the power plot:
Note that something looks fishy in the erg pace for the first piece.