"Sees Behind Trees"

Walnut is a Native American boy who cannot shoot an arrow because of his poor eyesight. He must be able to shoot an arrow to pass a tribal test which will earn him the name of a man.  Walnut learns that he possess amazing senses other than sight that will help him pass the test.
Focus Skills-
Narrative Elements:
The narrative elements of a story include the plot, the setting, and the characters. The plot is a sequence of related events in a story. At the center of the plot is a conflict, or problem, that the main character must solve. The turning point determines how the problem will be solved.
Strategies-Literary Forms:
A genre is a literary form. Fiction, Non-Fiction, Poetry, and Drama are types of literary form.  Each genre can be  used for a different purpose - to entertain, persuade, inform, or teach a lesson. Sees Behind Trees is historical fiction because the setting is a real time and place in the past.
quiver - a case for carrying arrows
tread - the act, manner, or sound of walking
moss - a tiny, delicate, flowerless, plant that grows in clumps on trees and rocks
sternly - in a harsh or strict manner
exaggerate - to make something appear greater than it really is
compose - to settle down or become calm
Spelling - words with long a, e, i
1. stayed               11. believes
2. brain                 12. tonight
3. thief                   13. increased
4. meat                  14. explained
5. flight                  15. slightly
6. style                   16. payment
7. delighted         17. brief
8. daily                   18. tray
9. breathe              19. byte
10. meanwhile     20. raise
Challenge words:
1. tight
2. type
3. remain
4. chief
5. pleaded