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Elementary Music News!!!
What's the most fun way to review the treble clef music notes?  Why, licorice, of course.  4th graders used pull and peel licorice to make a music staff and a treble clef, and then reviewed notes.  What's that, parents, you don't remember your treble clef notes?  Well, remember, spaces spell f-a-c-e from bottom to top, and our 4th graders remember the lines by saying "Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge" or "Empty Garbage Before Dad Flips".  Also, the notes go like the music alphabet.  A-B-C-D-E-F-G

The Cup Game
6th Graders have been busy, busy, BUSY!  We started the year out by learning about triplets.  They we transitioned into a unit on the German composer, Ludwig Van Beethoven.  We are currently doing a unit on the music of Jamaica, learning about Bob Marley, and working on the song, "Four White Horses".  You can check out our clapping games on the "Song of the Week" Tab to the left of your screen.  Check out the cup game below.  When we first did it, we had a triplet in the first rhythmic section.  We took out the triplet for the purposes of our video.

Cup Game

Watch Out for the Big, Bad Bullybug!!!!
2nd graders recently read the book, "Bye, Bye, Big 
Bad Bullybug", and were inspired to act it out for 
the Kindergarteners.  Some kids played instruments,
acting out different parts of the bullybug's body.  Some
Kids played the xylophone to accompany our song.  Yet
others got to flex their acting "muscles" and actually
act out the little, bitty baby bugs!  Fun was had by
all, and hopefully a valuable lesson was learned:  
Bullying is mean, and it just doesn't accomplish 
anything!  Right, Kindergarteners???

Concert Video Clips:  Spring Concert, 2013
Woop, Woop!  Another Great concert presented by McGregor Elementary-lots of singing, playing instruments, dancing, and even a rapping music teacher?!?!  Check out the video clips below!

Cuckoo on Recorder

Students will:
-Perform a 2-part recorder song.
-Perform songs using high C and high D.

Fung Yang Song-5th and 6th

Fung Yang Song
Students will:
-Perform a 2-part partner song.
-Unit: Music of China

McGregor 5th and 6th Graders sing in Elementary Honor Choir
This year, we had 20 students take part in elementary honor choir in Cloquet, MN.  The event was held on Saturday, March 14th, at the Cloquet Middle School.  Kids from many different schools took part in this event.  Students rehearsed all day, and presented a concert at 3:00 pm. The directors this year were Ben Hanson, from Duluth, and yours truly!  I'm very proud of all of the preparation the kids put in to make this a successful event.  I'm also very happy with the level of maturity that our students displayed during rehearsals.  Please check out the videos of the concert posted here!

Elementary Honor Choir Concert

Elementary Honor Choir: Pt 2

A Note about Curriculum and Standards
We are fortunate in McGregor to be able to offer students in grades K-6 music every day for 25 minutes.  During this time, students sing, learn to read music, play Orff instruments and other percussion, listen to music of many different genres, perform dances and "play parties" andimprovise and compose. We learn
about other cultures, and we even incorporate other subject areas into the learning of music, like reading, math, art, and science.   The goal of music class is to teach music literacy, and more importantly, to nurture an appreciation, and hopefully, a love of music.  

National Standards for Music
Standard 1: Singing alone and with others a varied repertoire of music.
Standard 2: Performing on instruments, alone and with others a varied repertoire of music. 
Standard 3: Improvising melodies, variations, and accompaniments.
Standard 4: Composing and arranging music within specific guidelines.
Standard 5: Reading and notating music.
Standard 6: Listening to, analyzing and describing music.
Standard 7: Evaluating music and music performances. 
Standard 8: Understanding relationships between music, the other arts, and disciplines outside the arts.
Standard 9: Understanding music in relation to history and culture.


Check out these cool Sites!

Julie Jacobsma, K-12 Vocal Music Teacher
(218)768-21111 (ext 229)

Ding Dong-3rd and 4th

Ding Dong
Students will:
-Perform songs with 16th note rhythms (ticka-ticka)
-Perform in a canon.
-Play an Orff arrangment
-Aurally recognize high 'do'

Kookaburra-3rd and 4th

Students will:
-Perform a 3-pt Orff arrangement
-Sing a 2-part canon
-Perform songs with ti-ticka, and ticka-ticka rhythms.

"Willy Wonka Kids"
McGregor 4-6th Graders had the unique experience of being in a musical last spring.  
Missed the fun?  You can view clips of the show by clicking on the links below!