McGorty Lab


Welcome to the McGorty lab website!

Here at the University of San Diego in the Department of Physics and Biophysics we look at a number of different soft and squishy materials (some living and some not) with a whole bunch of different optical microscopy methods. We are particularly keen on inventing new optical methods because (1) it's fun and (2) we can use that to learn something new about soft materials.

Some of the recent work we've been doing involves:

Building a light-sheet microscope (LSM)

Building a digital holographic microscope

Using the LSM to look at DNA

Using the LSM to look at microtubules and actin

Using the LSM to look at colloidal particles

Developing an LED-matrix microscope

Looking at plant development and growth of roots

Looking at foams

Investigating fluid-fluid phase separation

Observing droplets coalescing

If any of this sounds interesting, come by to visit! Our lab is in SCST 255. Ryan's office is in SCST 284. We are always looking for interested and motivated students to work with us.

Current support comes from the American Chemical Society (ACS PRF), the National Institutes of Health, Research Corporation for Science Advancement, and the National Science Foundation.