Who Is Mr. McGill

Contact Information
Mr. Dan McGill
Room: N298
Email: dmcgill@msdwt.k12.in.us
Website: google.com/site/mcgillsapes/
NCHS Phone #: 317-259-5301
Voicemail Extension: 45298

 Mr. McGill is APES about APES

Married to a wonderful lady for 27 years 

Proud Father of two

Erik 24.  Accounting and Finance Degree from IU, plus a masters of science in accounting from the Kelley School of Business Graduate School.

Kelley 22.  A graduate of Miami University of Ohio with a major in Chemical Engineering with emphasis in Biology, Environment, and Paper Science.

Mr. McGill
Graduated from Indiana University in 1986.

Go Hoosiers! 

Graduated with a Masters in Science Degree from Butler University in 1996

Go Bulldogs!

Started teaching at North Central in 1986.  That makes 28 years of teaching. 

Go Panthers!

After 13 years, Mr. McGill has decided to step down as Junior Class Sponsor

Two feral cats moved in after
choosing us to be their owner.

Naddies finds the chair most comfortable, but unfortunately either a hawk or a coyote found Naddies good to eat

Paddie keeps an eye out for predators on the patio 

Mr . and Mrs. McGill are vegan.  Our motto is we do not eat anything that has a face or a mother.  It's a plant based life style based on the book and documentary Forks Over Knives  .  Ask Mr. McGill for some amazing recipes.

Interests and hobbies include:
Cooking, Reading, Politics, Road Bike Riding, Woodworking,

Fishing, Backpacking, Gardening, wondering My Backyard, Traveling, and Telling Stories