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  Winter 2011

Intro to R - Day 1

January 17, 2011
Jonathan Whiteley

Opening and using R for the first time, and some basic commands.  You will also learn how to find help and figure out how to do what you want to do.

Intro to R - Day 2

January 24, 2011
Etienne Low-Décarie

Creating an R project: creating a script file, management of project files, housekeeping, data import (including corrupt/unusual data).

Intro to R - Day 3

January 31, 2011
Eric Pedersen

Graphics: How to control them and take advantage of the powerful graphing capabilities of R.

Fall 2010

Intro to R and Probability

October 8, 2010

Correlation, regression, and simple ANOVAs: like a review of your introductory stats course in 2 hours.

Intro to Correlation and Hypothesis-Testing

October 8, 2010

Correlation, regression, and simple ANOVAs: like a review of your introductory stats course in 2 hours.

 Special Topics

Winter 2011
Introduction to Meta-Analysis

February 14, 2011
Dr. Russ Steele, McGill Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Likelihood Methods

February 21, 2011
Corey Chivers, Department of Biology

Introduction to Likelihood theory, Maximum Likelihood Estimation (MLE), and model comparison using Information criterion (AIC).

Introduction to Bayesian Methods

February 28, 2011
Corey Chivers, Department of Biology

Introduction to Bayesian reasoning, model construction, uncertainty quantification and computational techniques (Markov Chain Monte Carlo - MCMC).  This workshop is based on a package written by Corey Chivers and available on cran: MHadaptive .

Spatial Statistics

March 14, 2011
Paul Edwards

This workshop is intended to help you get started at finding and describing patterns in spatially explicit data. 

Simulation & Bootstrapping methods

April 11, 2011
Eric Pedersen & Corey Chivers

This workshop will highlight a model based approach to inquiry.  By proposing mechanisms and observation models, we can simulate data as we expect to observe it to test our ability to distinguish between competing hypotheses and make appropriate inference.

Model Selection and Multimodel Inference with glmulti

April 18, 2011
Vincent Calcagno

This workshop will cover model selection and multimodel inference for generalized linear models. Vincent is the author of the package which will be used: glmulti.

Phylogenetic Analysis

NOTE! DATE CHANGED TO Tuesday, April 26, 2011
Adam Herman & Dr. Jonathan Davies

Part I will focus on importing and manipulating trees in R with the aim of giving the user maximum control over the visual representation of their tree. Part II will cover methods for correcting for species evolutionary non-independence using phylogenetically independent contrasts (PIC).

Fall 2010

Generalized Linear Models

October 22, 2010

Experimental Design

November 12, 2010

    • Classical/formal experimental designs
    • Power analysis and sample size
    • Simulating an experiment and testing its design

Focus will be on how to create a simulation of your planned experiment (the last point).  Simulating your experiment can save you tremendous time and tears when performing and analyzing your experiment.

Mixed Effects & Hierarchical Models

November 19, 2010

Fixed and random effects in GLMMs using Maximum Likelihood techniques with the lme4 package.


December 3, 2010

PCA, PCoA, nMDS, ANOSIM, and more acronyms to reduce multivariate data to fewer dimensions to help you find patterns.