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Intro R - day 4: Simulation

Monday, October 24, 2011  14h-16h

Corey Chivers
  • What is simulation?
  • Why do we simulate?
  • Drawing random samples
  • Drawing numbers from probability distributions
  • Simulating from models

Learning Objectives 

The participant will:

  • Draw random samples from a set
  • Draw random samples from a probability distribution
  • Create virtual individuals from estimated population parameters
  • Describe a model in terms of its deterministic and stochastic parts
  • Simulate data from a model


We Some familiarity with using R is required. You should be comfortable entering commands in the console, manipulating data frames, producing simple plots and using scripts.  For a refresher on these topics, check out the slides from our previous introductory workshops.


Slides for this workshop are available as a pdf, or in html format.


We will make use of the RCurl package in this workshop. Please try to install this package in advance of the workshop. You can do so using:


Data Collector

We will be using this form to collect some data from you that we will use in this workshop.


Download the slides here.

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Corey Chivers,
Oct 24, 2011, 8:51 AM