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Intro R - Day 1

Monday, October 03, 2011  14h-16h
Corey Chivers


  • Opening R for the first time
  • Using R-Studio: getting to know the Interface
  • R is a calculator (doing math in R)
  • Basic R commands and functions
  • Storing & retrieving values
  • Adding packages to R
  • Working with "R objects"
  • Getting Help

Learning Objectives

  • Use appropriate terms for the R programming language & concepts
  • Perform simple math in R
  • Work with simple data objects in R
  • Use common R commands
  • Access & Read Documentation (Help)
  • How to find help when you can't help yourself
This first workshop alone will not be enough for a new user to be able to use R for statistical analyses independently. That's why we have 4 full introductory workshops, which we hope will achieve this goal when taken together.


We do not expect you to have any familiarity with R for this first workshop.  You will need to be comfortable with some basic computer tasks, such as:
  • downloading files from a web page.
  • installing software
  • browsing & opening files on your computer (or windows if you want to use one of the computers in the lab)
  • using a keyboard (& mouse)
  • familiarity with common symbols & punctuation marks.
If you would like to bring your own laptop to work on, please install R and R-Studio on your own before the workshop to speed things up.  If you are having difficulty with this step, come to the workshop at least 20 minutes before it starts and we will help you out.


Slides for this workshop are available as a pdf, or in html format.


This introductory workshop draws on material originally designed and presented by Jonathan Whiteley

Corey Chivers,
Oct 2, 2011, 3:48 PM