Anthrograd 2011

Welcome to the Home Page of the 2011 McGill Anthrograd Conference. This year's conference theme is Subjects and Objects: A Grammar of Anthropology.

The distinction/relation between objects and subjects has led to important internal and external debates within anthropology, as those who were once considered objects were revealed as subjects who could talk back to anthropologists, reflect on ethnographers' analysis, and propose their own.

We invite submissions from McGill anthropology and archaeology graduate and upper level undergraduate students, as well as from graduate students in the department of International Development Studies, working on any aspects of positionality, subjectivity, materialism or related issues. Student films will also be considered for inclusion in the conference.

Abstract submissions are due January 15th. Please see the Call for Papers page for more details.

What's it all about?

The aim of the conference is to bring together the different sub-fields of our department, to share what kinds of research are happening now, and to give many of us a chance to practice our presentations for some of the larger and more formal conferences that are taking place in the spring. 

We have scheduled the conference for March 11-12, 2011, and have booked the Thomson House ballroom for the event.  We have scheduled 25 presentations, with sessions chaired by faculty members.