Follett Challenge - Thank you!
With more than 8,000 votes and 2,000 views to our video submission, McGee Middle School finished in the top 10 in voting in the Follett Challenge's national education contest, which means McGee is assured the People's Choice award of $8,000 for our school! 
We can't thank you enough for the support, the sharing of posts and emails and spreading the word. So many people in our community helped - from the grocery stores and public library, to the pizza restaurants and hair salons, to the sports organizations and preschools - everyone came together to support our school district. Thank you!
Next, McGee will need to wait until Feb. 28 to see whether the judges think McGee deserves the semifinal prize of $30,000. Either way, we are very proud and grateful for the community's support of education. To view our video, visit this linkThank you!
Library Mission

Our goal in the Library Media Center is to support the Catherine M. McGee School mission of helping children to become educated, productive citizens in a diverse society and technologically changing world.

To that end, we aim to provide access to high-quality resources and guidance in developing students ability to:
  • Inquire, think critically, and gain knowledge
  • Draw conclusions, make informed decisions, and broaden their world view
  • Share knowledge, collaborate, and participate ethically and productively as members of our community
  • Become lifelong learners

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