Standard III
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Standard III  A: Professional Organizations, publications and resources:





Standard III A: 

Professional Organizations 

  Pennsylvania School Librarians Association 



Lancaster Lebanon School Librarians Association 



Lancaster Lebanon  Access PA Group Moodle 


Lancaster Librarians Association



Discovery Educator Network DEN

Discovery Education Network

My affiliation with PSLA began when I was a student at Millersville University. I have served on the Conference committee as well as Chaired the Students Committee. The local chapter of PSLA is the LLSLA of which I have served a two year term of president 1990-1992. I have attended LLA meetings which include librarians from various types of libraries in the Lancaster Area.

I have recently become a STAR DEN Educator.

My memberships in each of these associations have included leadership positions and a strong desire for further professional growth. I have also attended the PETE &C conference in Hershey and the AASL conference in Indianapolis.

Standard III A: 


Article: Access PA Database Project: Innovation and Technology

This document was originally created for the course in Management of Technology Change for Philadelphia University. I was able to edit the document for publication in Learning and Media for the upcoming issue.

I was recently approached by Dr. Marge Tassia to prepare an article for the Learning and Media Magazine, a publication of PSLA. She hoped I could reflect on Access PA and my role as a PA Librarian. I interned with PDE in 1985 and have been a POWER Library Presenter for AASL.

Standard III A: 

Resources McGaw


Infolibrarian I LOVE IT blog


Social Networking and information sharing have taken my desire for sharing resources to a new level. Each of these Web 2.0 Tools have been utilized by myself in an effort to share the wealth of information I have gathered in an organized and informative fashion.

I am now able to share not only with my staff but also with other technology interested persons from anywhere. I have found social networking to be fulfilling and advantageous in my quest for information. 

Standard III  B: Integrity and ethical behavior, professional conduct as stated in Pennsylvania's Code of Professional Practice and Conduct for Educators; and local, state, and federal laws and regulations: 





Standard III B: 

State and Federal Laws 

Hidden Disabilities in the Classroom  IDT 683 legal  



This web presentation was originally created for my course in Legal Issues for the Educator Philadelphia University. I was able to focus on ADA,Section 504  and IDEA to present the facts of how teachers are responsible for students with hidden disabilities.

This topic is one of personal as well as professional interests to myself. I have been able to educate myself and other parents of children with food allergies as well as other hidden disabilities through sharing this web resource.

Standard III B: 

Federal Copyright Issues

Final for Legal Issues

This document covers many questions that an educator must face utilizing resources in a classroom setting.


The understanding of the legal cases and the fair use statue will better enable me to share my interpretations of copyright with my staff.

Standard III B: 

Local - Teachers

Copyright Workshop for Teachers

This workshop was an offering at a building in-service day as a part of a technology focused day. I was able to share resources with my faculty in groups on twenty at a time.

The issues are sensitive for teachers as they often feel they have "Fair Use" of all materials. The means to ask for permissions for sources that teachers use repeatedly was reviewed.

Standard III B: 

Local -Students


Plagiarism Pledge

This document is based upon a research skills strategy.  I worked cooperatively with the Communication Department to implement the Plagiarism Pledge with all students in the CV Middle School. This is to promote academic integrity and establish high ethical standards for the research process.

Students need to be shown how to take notes and then express the facts in their own format. This process is harder than is seems. It is often easiest to just copy a picture or an article without citing the sources for the information. Students need to be shown how to independently produce content and how to easily cite sources through online tools such as Noodle Tools.

Standard III  C: Collaborating with school colleagues to enhance student, teacher and administrative capabilities to improve student learning:





Standard III C: 

Collaborate with Teachers 

CVMS Library Moodle


Europe Today WebQuest




Each of these Moodle Courses were designed to enable students to access the documents for their project, the links to the relevant and appropriate resources to improve student learning. I am able to administer the site and they can email the documents they create to me for inclusion in the Moodle Course.

The teachers that I have worked with on each of these projects have enjoyed the ability to update their resources for each project. The students enjoy working with the technology and having access to all the resources from school and home.

Standard III C: 

Collaborate with Teachers 

PSSA   Section 1.8   Communications Department


The PSSA 1.8 section is the research component of the Standards. This district level plan for meeting this standard was developed with the Communications Department.

It is my responsibility to provide opportunities for teachers to utilize the library facility or the Moodle courses to attain these Standards.

Standard III C: 

Collaborate with Administrators

Brownstown Parent Handbook Moodle


CV New Teacher Induction Moodle 


These Moodle courses were created for use by adults. The Brownstown course is for parents and the CV Induction course is for new teachers to the district. I worked closely with Dr. Cartwright to construct these courses for district initiatives and goals.

Throughout the process I was able to share my knowledge of Moodle Course creation with Dr. Cartwright and she is now able to maintain her Brownstown Parent Site herself. I hope to help her create her Faculty Handbook Site this month.

Standard III C: 

Collaborate with Librarians

 Lancaster Lebanon Access PA Group Moodle

LSTA Digital Learners Curriculum


CV Student Survey


 CV Student Results to Survey


CV Library Curriculum


I created the Moodle Course for the Access PA group and update it as called upon by the Access PA Group. I have served on the LSTA Digital Curriculum committee and worked closely with my colleagues from the IU#13 area. I have worked with the other district librarians on projects to focus our teaching on improving student learning.

Each of these opportunities have afforded me the opportunity to met and discuss student achievement with other librarians.

The work with CV librarians has been especially rewarding as it focuses on our students and their needs.

Standard III C: 

Collaborate with Students

Advisor of WCVM TV Studio 

student application 


WCVM TV Studio

WCVM Morning Show


I have been the co-advisor for the WCVM TV Studio since arriving at the Middle School. Each year we pick a group of student to produce the Daily Morning Announcement Show. This group of students works to create the scripts, the graphics and direct their school show. I have included the application the students must complete to be considered for the position. I have also included an example PowerPoint that we updated daily for the production.

As the technology in the TV studio has gone from the Apple IIGS with Print Shop to PowerPoint to the use of Final Cut software, I have accepted the challenge of teaching students how to utilize the software for the graphics that are used in the show.

Standard III  D: Communitcate effectively with parents/guardians, other agencies and the community at large to support learning by all students:





Standard III D: 

CVMS Library Moodle


Infolibrarian Homepage


Infolibrarian I LOVE IT Blog



These two online web pages encourage access to valuable resources for students and parents to use. The CVMS Library Moodle site is for students and parents. The Infolibrarian website is for the community at large.

I have resources to share! I enjoy blogging about what I find helpful in my I LOVE IT blog.

Standard III D: 

Parent Open House


Book Fair Events


Each year during the parent open house night I have engaged with Scholastic to provide a Book Fair for students and Parents to attend.

I have been running Book Fair Events for twenty years. The Fair is an opportunity for parents and students to talk about purchasing resources for a personal collection.

Standard III D: 


Library Committee

The Library Committee is maintained to facilitate the reconsideration of resources utilized in the Middle School in the event of a dispute with a parent.

The CV Library Policy Handbook covers our approved policies involving the selection process and the reconsideration of materials. This committee has been dormant for the CVMS.