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    Hi! My name is Angie McFarlane.  Raised in lumberjack heartland in Philomath, Oregon by 2 loving parents, I can proudly say that I have experience with a chainsaw and also love to stuff a whole handful of blackberries in my mouth!  At 37 I have managed to work hard and recieve a BA in Fine Arts in 2006 and now a MAT in Elementary Education in 2007.  As a single mother of 2 boys and all their snakes, lizards, and insects that they catch I feel fortunate to have a fun and interesting family (especially if you include all the critters)! 

    My teaching experience has been enlightening.  Through my MAT Immersion program at OSU I have done some student teaching in a 4th grade class in Salem at an inner citty, bilingual, minority majority, title one school and in Corvallis in a 3rd grade class at a college town, English only, middle class elementary school.  My teaching experiences were vastly different with student population, teacher approaches, staff interactions, curriculum, and school policies. My experiences have made me think deeply about cultural competence and what I need to know and do to help  support students and ways I can provide a framework for acedemic goals and expectations of the students.