Apologetic Resources 

Below is a list of apologetics websites that I have found of extreme value. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.

Dr. Ravi Zacharias:
An extensive audio library of sermons from this famous speaker, apologist and author. He captivates people with great content and vivid illustrations.

Dr. Phil Fernandes
My favourite apologist, pastor, and educator.
      audio links : www.sermonaudio.com/source_detail.asp?sourceid=ibd

Dr. William Lane Craig
Top notch philosopher, apologist, and debater.

Dr. Gary Habermas
Often hailed as the world foremost expert on the resurrection. He is an amazing historical apologist. Also has some very interesting things on after-death experiences as well as some discussions with turn-coat atheist philosopher Anthony Flew.

Ultimate Questions
This is a great, concise apologetic called ultimate questions, that is simple to understand, powerful to grasp and is presented visually and structurally well. Its contributers are all excellent philosophers, scientist and historians including Dr. William Lane Craig, Dr. Robin Collins, Kirk Durston, Guillermo Gonzale ad Michael Horner.

Audio Resource
This site has heaps of good stuff. I haven't explored it exhaustively - that would be very time consuming. But I have listened to all William Lane Craigs debates here, C.S. Lewis's audio segments including the entire volume (unabridged) of Mere Christianity. Wow, theres just heaps of stuff on this website.
Great audio and article resource for beginners, intermediates and advanced apologists on a large variety of specialty topics.
Stand to Reason
Greg Koukl has some good stuff. He waffles a little but in the style of talk back radio but its not too annoying. He uploads the Christian Talk Radio show he hosts focused on apologetics. 

Dr. Chuck Missler
Is not really an apologist but he is a marvelous teacher and inspirer. I was weaned on this stuff. Expositional teachings.

Catholic Answers Live

Not everything here is worthwhile listening to, but its a great reference and complier of a lot of excellent things that are worth listening to, including many debates, by William Lane Craig, Dinesh D'Souza, Walter Martin, and more.