Personalised artwork begins at $199, excluding additional cost such as printing and postage.
Prices may vary.

What you need to provide

  • A photo of yourself (see below for what makes a suitable photo).
  • If you want to incarnate yourself as a superhero or famous personality, give us an idea about who. i.e. Superman, Wonder woman, Dick Tracy, Marilyn Monroe. A photo, or a found image may also be helpful in this regard. 
  • You have any preference for the background of your artwork, write to tell us what or send us by photo. Some options can be a city-scape from a distance, buildings from above, Sherwood forest, plain black or or plain white.
  • If you have a specific mood you want your personalized artwork to have, perhaps to suit the interior design of your home, a few descriptive words, a found image, or a photo will be useful.
  • (Optional) We have a range of printing and presentation options available. Select which option/s will suit you best. Alternatively your can select to obtain the original files used to create your personalized artwork.

Below is a list of questions that you will need answer to when you email your request for some personalized art and portraiture. You can copy and paste the questions. 

Vector Graphics

  • Vector Graphics are not created with a click of a button. They are not a photoshop filter or effect. Each artwork takes many hours for a skilled and proficient graphic artist to consider and create. You can expect an original and unique creation. 
  • For a small additional fee you can receive all the original files used to create your artwork. This means you can store them yourself and print multiples at your own leisure.
  • The nature of this style of graphics of work is that it is large format friendly. This means that it can be reproduced easily in large formats without increasing the size of the file. From this file we can create something the size of Facebook profile to something the size of a billboard.

What makes a good photo? 
  • Good lighting. For a more dynamic image it is useful for the shadows to be clear. Good shadows will show the contours of the face and body. 
  • Lots of pixels. Photos taken from a computer or mobile phones are generally small photos with little information in them. These are not impossible to work from, but the larger the photo the easier it is to pick up those subtle details and features that make you look like you.
  • If small photos are all you have, as the face is the most distinctive feature of a portrait, you may need to provide a close-up of the face, and a full-length body shot.