Best Friends

By Brianna Baier and co-illustrated by Brittany Smith (Storytelling Product)
Please see and click the YouTube link below to view my story.
PurposeProcessSoftware Used to Create
This storytelling product was created express my love for my best friend through narrative writing.

1. I thought about what memories I wanted to share about my friendship.

2.I wrote the story and edited it.

3.Then I created PowerPoint slides and typed my story into them.

4. Next, my best friend and I illustrated the pictures and inserted them into the PowerPoint. 

5. I saved the slides as .jpeg files and imported them to Movie Maker.

Last, I wrote picture captions chose transitions and music for my story and uploaded the file to YouTube. 

Microsoft PowerPoint/ Windows Movie Maker 

Please click the following You Tube link to view my story.