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Amanda Aubin    
Barbara Fletcher    
Bob Koopman    
Brenda and Matthew Martin   Brenda navigating, with Fairy 
Bruce and Olga Hausser    
Carleen Crummett    
Cynthia and Daniel Talbot    
Dave Bomster    
Dot Rourke    
Elsie Rodney    
Ginny Halfpenny 978-838-0362 Ginny and Muffin at GMHA 2010 
Jack and Sue Guswa Jack and Sue driving Blazon at Acadia  
Janice and Charles Meszoely    
John and Susan Frost    
Karen Vieira    
Kate Bushman 508-579-3905 Kate and Lyricc at Mohonk Mtn 2010 
Kelly Pesek    
Kris Retter    
Laura Andrews    
Laura Smith 603-964-4728 Laura and Buddy at ADT 2010 
Leona Anastasi    
Lisa Terrell    
Madeline Leone    
Marguerite Tomany    
Nancy Cleary    
Pat Musser    
Ralph Melanson    
Rebecca Jackson    
Susan Koso    
Showing 29 items