Paper Goodness

If you'd like any information on any of my paper stuff please page me on Making it Personal. I'll help you anyway I can. :D

If you're using my photos or my templates you need to give me credit. Also, my templates and downloads are not for you to claim and put in your bio or pass around as your own if you dont have permission. Sooooo not cool.

Click HERE to download the Famous Flourish File

How to use the Famous Flourish File:

Download the file and save it to your desktop (Its easier to find there). Once its downloaded, go into the file and click "extract" at the top. Again, save it to your desktop. Since everything in this file is either a font or a ding, you'll need to install it the same way you would any new font you've saved. Usually it means going into your control panel, clicking on "appearances and themes" then "fonts" and then "install new font". This may or may not be different based on what program you have. Sometimes you can just drag and drop new fonts into the folder. Once installed, you'll be able to use them.


Save the Dates 

I ordered standard postcards from Vista Print. If you sign up for their emails, you'll get free offers galore. I only paid for shipping which I think was $11. I used a corner round punch on them, attached a card with the hotel information to the back and sent them in A2 envelopes I lined with scrapbook paper.














Outside of the envelopes

A2 envelopes froma scrapbook store, stamped with brown ink. Addy labels are circle labels from

The STD card


Will You Be My Flower Girl Cards

I went searching for ideas and found some I like. I can't remember exactly who did this but I did see it on another knottie's bio. If this was your idea, please email me so I can credit you!


Ignore my toes :D



 Bridesmaid Afternoon Invitations


I'll admit I completely and totally ripped off this idea from BeltranBride. I'm not a stalker I swear! I just loved them sooooo much. I saw them in her planning bio and had to make my own. Besides imitation is the most sincere form of flattery :D

I sent these out the beginning of September for our October 25th GTG. We'll be going to lunch and then shopping and ordering BM dresses.

The Font used is a combination of Arial and Bickham Script Fancy. It can be downloaded  HERE



The Bridesmaid Afternoon was great. We went dress shopping and everyone managed to find a dress, so dresses were ordered that day. Afterwards we went to lunch at the Olive Garden. I was completely out voted on this one. At lunch we talked shower and bachelorette party stuff. I wanted to thank each girl for taking a Saturday afternoon to spend with me. My mom was ablt to get chocolate truffles from the candy shop she works at during the summer. I wrapped them for each girl using the same wrapping paper I used to line the envelopes of the BM lunch invites. I also made small TY cards out of cardstock and more of the wrapping paper. I drew a bridesmaid dress similar to the dresses my BMs showed me they liked when we first went to look on the wrapping paper, carefully cut it out, pasted it on the card and wrote a nice personalized note to each girl. They really liked this! Who doesnt like a little sweet treat after soup and salad?!

Waterbottle Labels

Totally indulgant, super cute. There's 4 different designs. These are printed on waterproof labels from Bought water bottles from Walmart 28 for $3.88, tore off the original label and attached my own. These will go in our OOT boxes.



"Reserved" Seating Signs


Card stock is from Hobby Lobby, Ribbon from Michael's. Font is Bickham Script Fancy. Designed by me in PowerPoint.

This font can be downloaded HERE




The invitation itself has the fonts BeauRivageOne and "Roses". I played around with it to get the rose image where I liked it. I found the font in knottie BelhurstBride's bio. I love her wedding so much. I think I stared at her married bio for hours one night. :D

Anyway, this is a screen shot of what it'll look like. Info blurred for obvious reasons. Its huge, sorry!!!

 The Layout.

As much as I love the pocketfolder trend, I just cant justify spending that much money on something that will go in the trash. I could DIY the pocketfolder but I'm not sure I really want to take on that kind of project. It seems exhausting. The following is what I came up with. I like it better. :D

I printed one invitation, an accomodations card and an RSVP card on each piece of linen cardstock. I customized each RSVP card and numbered the back so I can keep track of who's missing. I recommend taking teh extra time to do this.

Click HERE to download this template

Click HERE to downlaod the ROSES font

Click HERE to download the BIickham Fancy Script Font

Click HERE to download the main font I used on my invitations: BeauRivage One

Click HERE to download Cards&Pockets Signature Inserts Template



The envelopes are chocolate brown from Anchor Paper. I was able to go to their store in Burnsville, MN and pick them out. I believe I paid $53 for 160 A7 envelopes and 160 A2 envelopes (used for reply envelopes). I lined them all with wrapping paper from Hobby Lobby ($2.99/roll). Pictured here is what you'd see when you open the envelope.

The outer layer is pink vellum and the sticker is something I made. It has the same flower image thats one the main invitations, and says our names and date.



These next two pictures are when you'd open the vellum part. Inside is a folder made of brown cardstock. I used the Cards&Pockets pocketfolder to make the template for the outside. The flap is pointed.  ***Change of plans on the ribbon: They wouldn't fit through a mail slot at the post office which brought them from a letter to a package, raising the postage fee from 59 cents to over a dollar. No way, not with 150 of these bad boys going out. So I took off the ribbon. They're still awesome and now I'll save some money. Woot! :D




The invitation will be printed on pink linen paper and mounted on Stardreams Opal cardstock for that "special" layered look. To the left of the invitation is the RSVP, the response envelope and the Accomodations card. That's really the only inserts we need. I'll add our wedding website info on the Accomodations card as well so guests can get any other information from there.  Inserts are  held in the invite with the same ribbon as the bow on the outside.

RSVP cards are specific to each person being invited. I really am hoping to avoid any add ons so we'll see how this goes!!

And the Accomodations card 




 Invitation Envelope

Wrap around labels will have the same rose design on them as whats printed on the invitation. Our address wont be on the backside but there will be a rose in its place. I have an embosser from Horchow  instead. I'll have pictures of these when I finally decide to print them. I'm printing them on to a full sheet label. Yay easy.


Wrap Around Addy Labels

Click HERE to download the wrap around addy labels. Add your own fonts and boarders






Invitation Cost Breakdown

All of my paper is from Anchor Paper. I simply emailed Tom Peterson (, told him what I needed and he helped me figure things out. Below is a breakdown including all the materials for the invitations. I didn't include postage nor did I include my paper cutter because I used it for other projects. Email me if you'd like instructions on what I did.


Envelopes  160 each A2s and A7s                                                                             $56


  150 Sheets  12x 7 custom cut 80# brown cardstock                                                $26.20

  150 sheets  8.5 x 11 80# Classic Linen Cranberry Ice cardstock                             $18.40

  150 sheets 4.75 x 6.75 Custom Cut 105# Stardream Opal                                      $20.25

  150 sheets 8.5 x 11 27# Glama Natural Vellum Pastelle Pink                                 $16.75

                                     Shipping total for all paper (2 sep orders)                            $20.89

< xml="true" ns="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" prefix="o" namespace=""> 

 Envelope Liners

     Wrapping paper from Hobby Lobby $3/roll 6 rolls                                              $18


Ribbon 5@ 1.95 each                                                                                                 $9.75


                                                             Total per invite $1.24 not including postage





 Click HERE to download a tea length progam template

Click HERE to download a square program template

I used the square template above to make these. For now they're tied with some ribbon I had lying around. I'll probably use something thinner when it comes to making the rest.

The layout looks stupid on here because googlepages blows. The order is the cover, the TY page with a poem, BP list in the middle, marriage outline with a poem and the In Memory page as the back cover. (a BIG ol' eff you to google pages layouts).

Rehearsal Dinner Invites

I used 1/2 folders in Strawberry, Flat cards in A2 & 6.5x6.5 in Sapphire, and envelopes in Sapphire from Paper Source. Belly bands and envelope liners are 12x12 scrapbook paper form Hobby Lobby and invite is just cover stock from Staples.



Stay tuned!

 Click HERE to download the tea length menu template

just change the wording



Candy Bag Stickers

Designed by me in powerpoint and inserted as a picture into a template downloaded from I printed, cut to size and stuck them on clear treat bags. More pics of these in Candy Buffet




Photo Upload Cards

I made these using Vista Print. They're the premium business cards; 250 for FREE!

I'll put them on the tables at the reception, in the OOT boxes and probably at my showers.


Welcome Information

Again, I used Vista Print to design welcome information for our guests. I used one of their templates (it matches my photo upload cards!) to make brochures with area attraction and restaurant information, wedding day time line, our address, etc for guests. I'll have these both at the front desk when people check in as well as in the OOT boxes. Using their postcards, I made a welcome card with key contact information on the back.



Welcome Letter 



Bridal Shower Invitations

MOH and I designed andmade these together. I'm in love. I think I love these more than my actual wedding invitations







 Shower Waterbottles

My mom thought the waterbottles I made for our wedding were too cute so she suggested we make some for my shower too. MOH and I made these using the same image from the shower invites. They're too cute to pass up.


Bachelorette Party Invites

MOH and I made these as well. We added black feathers to each envelope. The "kiss" is a stamp I found at Michaels. We stamped each invite with fuschia ink and stamped the front of the envelope near the address and then sealed it with a "kiss" by stamping the seal. We just ran the envelopes though the printer uing a sexy font. I love these!!


Bridesmaid Timelines

I saw something similar on so I created my own template and timeline to help my girls know what's going on that day. Just something fun.

 Click HERE to download the BM timeline.