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Summer Session F Term, 2014

Visiting Professor: Christine Sleeter

Email: csleeter@gmail.com

Class hrs: 9:00am - 1:00pm

Office hrs: 1:00pm - 2:00pm daily

Instructional Assistant: Meg Burns

Email: Margaret.Burns@Colorado.edu

Course Description:

Designed to help teachers plan, teach, and evaluate high-quality, standards-conscious multicultural curricula. We will discuss multicultural curriculum with respect to theory, models of curriculum design, curriculum examples, and their own ideology, and critique curriculum for its representation of different socio-cultural groups, points of view, relationship to specific communities of students, and ideology. Teachers will also apply tools and insights of critical family history to themselves, in order to examine histories they bring to the classroom. We will consider connections between multicultural teaching and critical family history theory and practice.     

Goals and Objectives:
  • Reflect critically on your and your family’s racialized, economic, and gendered history and how this affects your identity and pedagogical vision
  • Connect multiple dimensions of difference, identity, and social inequities, especially as these relate to curriculum and pedagogy
  • Create critical, culturally proficient, and intellectually challenging pedagogies and curriculum that works with but is not driven by curriculum standards.
  • Construct teaching as a humanizing practice
Text and Readings:
  • Sleeter, C. E. Unstandardizing Curriculum: Multicultural Teaching in Standards-Based Classrooms. Teachers College Press, 2005.
  • Critical Family History blogsite
  • Articles that are accessible in the Materials file, or linked on the Daily Plan file.
NameDue DateDescription
Short Paper on your family history August 1, 2014 Short paper (no longer than 10 pages) or gallery walk display, reflecting on how your family history connects with course readings, and affects your identity and pedagogical vision 
Short Curriculum Plan August 1, 2014 Design a short curriculum unit or portion of a course or program (no longer than 10 pages as a paper; or create a gallery walk display). It should use the elements of multicultural curriculum design, around a "big idea" that you can teach. 
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