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Speed in Traffic

Speed in Traffic


The purpose of this activity is to see if you can quickly determine the speed of traffic based on the traffic advisory signs you are presented with.


  1. Open up the program you will be using for this activity  in a new tab.  The program can be found here.

  2. When you hit the begin button, you will be presented with a traffic advisory sign and four different possible average speeds.  Your job is to figure out which of the average speeds is closest to the speed you would calculate based on the traffic advisory sign.

  3. For instance, if you see a sign like the one below.  You would notice that you are traveling 1 mile in 1 minute.  So in 1 hour you would go 60 miles.  

  4. If it said "6 miles in 12 minutes", you know you are going 1 mile every 2 minutes so you would only go 30 mph.  

  5. When you see these signs you should realize they round everything to the nearest mile and the nearest minute, so you might not get the exact answer on any of the speed signs at the bottom.  In such a case, pick the one that is closest to your calculated speed.