Mark and Lynn McCuistion



Highlight of the Year: Eve

Kevin and Kerri have a new baby girl: Eve!

Kevin is an Eagle Scout! Check out his Eagle Scout service project.


Highlight: Ezra!

He graduated from the University of Wisconsin at Madison with a Masters in Nuclear Engineering.

He has a job teaching the Navy how to run their engines.

Check out his Eagle Scout service project.


Highlight: Michael returned with honor from his two-year mission to Poland where he served the Lord in preaching the gospel.

Michael plays clarinet and bassoon and saxophone and harmonica and piano. He's the best.

He came in 3rd place in the District MathCounts competition in 2002. Here's a couple articles 1, 2). Watch for the word 'Dominated'. He's also participating in the Scholastic Scrimmage competition.  He played bassoon in the Pit Orchestra for the high school play: West Side Story.

He's an Eagle. (Did I mention we like Eagle Scouts?) Check out his Eagle Scout service project

Lynn and Mark also have our own lives, which we live:

  • Mark works for the University of Cincinnati as the Lead Web Developer for their website.
  • Lynn works each year at H & R Block as a Tax Professional. She teaches the Tax classes before the season and is an 'Enrolled Agent', meaning she's at the top of her Tax Game.
  • Our Family History links: McCuistion, Thorpe
  • Notes from our vacations:
  • Mark has an interest in Amateur Radio. His Advanced-class callsign is: KB2ELS
  • Mark's Hobby pages: