Madden 25 The League
The League is a Connected Career that is used through Madden 25 for the Xbox 360.

Currently the League is not started as we are still waiting for people to send their applications to the Commissioner. Once you send your application to the Commissioner, you will receive and email back regarding whether or not you have been accepted into the League. Please review the Restrictions Tab to view the Restrictions. 

What is The League?
As Stated above The League is Connected Career Mode in Madden 25. The League is a very different type of Connected Career Mode due to the fact we try to make the league as Realistic as possible. With the use of Twitter, we plan on each team in the league to create their own twitter accounts. With these twitter accounts, teams will be able to broadcast news, transactions, and much more to the public. The League does require everyone to participate on a daily basis to try to make the most realistic feel possible. With the league, there are also many jobs available to the public. If you do not get accepted to join as a team in the league, we highly suggest you apply for the many other jobs that come along with the League. Please visit Job Application Tab to the left to access more information! 

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