Hey Fashion Students, Friends, and Family! This year's Fashion Focus Club presents Streets of New York!

Hey there, welcome to my quick page of photographs from Mesa Community College's Fashion Show, "Streets of New York." I am not a professional photographer, nor do I have a professional camera (I am a fashion design major proudly at MCC). My arms were killing me for being up for the 2 hour duration of the show, so I am sorry if the images are not portfolio worthy (I do not own a tripod)! I have helped out at the MCC fashion shows the past 2 years and I am proud to have been in the audience this year so that I may take photos. I know many of us were bummed the past years to not have gotten ANY photos from our "photographers." Yes, it has been a year and still NO PHOTOS! So I want to make a change and give to EVERYONE one front and back view of their pieces (scared I was going to run out of battery or space on my little 2GB). I got a picture of EVERY garment down the runway in a resolution that my camera says is okay for 5"x7" prints. 

I am also sorry if this page is sloppy, but I will do my best to make this page easy to navigate. I hope everyone enjoyed the show as much as I did. I had to say it was all very impressive. From here, MCC's fashion is going in one direction, which is not down. Learn from the past, make the trend, and carry on.

Peace and Love,
Maybelline Armistead

Side Note: This site is not searchable; in order to receive access to this webpage is to go through the actual address (just an F.Y.I. when sharing the page). I also stayed up all night making this page once I got home from the show, so I hope everyone enjoys this site. Thanks!