Course Schedule
Time Friday Evening
6:30pm Check In
7:00pm Opening Assembly
7:15pm Patrol Method
7:35pm Scout Spirit - What Is? How? 
8:15pm SEALS Campsite Set-up
9:05pm Note Taking
9:20pm S.E.A.L.S. Contract Introduction
9:45pm Cracker Barrel
10:15pm SEALS Depart Dining Hall for campsites
11:00pm Lights out for SEALS Participants

Time Saturday
6:00am Breakfast & Cleanup
8:30am Assembly
8:45am Representing The Group
9:30am Communicating Well  & DVD
10:30am Setting the Example
11:00am "Mock" PLC - Campfire Planning
11:30am Start Lunch, Eat & Clean-up (Work on Contract Ideas)
12:45pm Planning Presentation 
1:45pm GAMES!!!
3:45pm Controlling the Group
4:50pm Patrol Meeting  (Campfire Planning)   
5:00pm Start Supper, Eat, Clean-up
6:30pm Leadership & You
7:00pm Who Me? Game
7:45pm Patrols/Troop Departs for Campfire 
8:00pm Campfire
9:45pm  Cracker Barrel -- SEALS
10:15pm SEALS Depart DH for campsites

 -Finish contracts
11:00pm Lights out 

Time Sunday
6:00am Breakfast & Cleanup

-Clean & DRY all Patrol Gear

-Patrols bring equipment to DH when they come for Assembly & check in Patrol gear
8:30am Assembly & Announcements
8:45am Interfaith Worship
9:15am Breakdown Campsites, Clean shower and bath houses; Bring Personal gear to Dining Hall, CAMPSITE INSPECTION
10:00am Scout Spirit
10:30am Recognition & Closing Ceremony