Here are some of Don's much

earlier paintings. 

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Contact:   dsmccready@gmail.com

Looking     20x16 watercolor     sold

 Black hair     12x12   acrylic/ canvas                 sold     


 Amy      watercolor   12x16 in oval mat

Sally in lawn chair  8x10 oil/panel              

French street    12x16 watercolor                   sold

Treescape 49    12x16  watercolor            sold

Trees 63           12x16  watercolor                    sold 

Glade 01        10x12 oil/panel                        sold

Large tree      12x16  watercolor                       sold

Tree study         12x16  watercolor                      sold

Waves                10x12  watercolor                    sold

Winter field          12x16  watercolor                 sold

Windblown     40x30   oil/canvas

Old slides images below added June 17, 2009

Looking Over II  40 x 30 acrylic  gone
Fall Colors      12 x 16         Watercolor               sold

Woods  10 x 14      Watercolor                        sold

Castle        24 x 30       Collage                     gone

      Shed          8 x 10           Watercolor           gone

Newer paintings are on the other sites,  http://sites.google.com/site/mccreadyart02


Many of the images here are from old 35mm slides, some of which are too weak or too dark or the colors are otherwise distorted. 


Sally     12x16 oval    watercolor        NFS

Large face    30x24   acrylic/panel  gone

Molly      watercolor 12x16 in oval mat

At table        24x24  acrylic/canvas           gone

Treescape 59     12x16  watercolor                 sold

 Trees 20           12x16 watercolor                   sold

Trees dancing       10x12  oil/panel                    sold

Glade 02         10x12  oil/pamel                         sold 

Street view         12x16  watercolor                 sold

Fence and tree        12x16  watercolor              sold

Shed            12x16  watercolor                      sold

Tree 29            8x10  watercolor                   sold

Winterscape           12x16  watercolor                  sold

Pensive by tree    40x30    oil/canvas  gone 

Old slides mages below added June 17, 2009


Walking in Wind  40 x 30   acrylic   gone


Tree            10 x 12          Watercolor  

Town       9 x 12        Watercolor                    gone