Here are some of Don's older paintings.

Some were sold and some no longer exist,

they are "gone."

****click on an image for a larger view****

Amy in White ruff     40x30  acrylic/panel       

Parade            30x40   acrylilc/panel                      sold

Sue with black sash  24x18  acruylic/canvas       

Amy reading     18x24  oil/canvas                       

Greta Holding flower    24x18 acrylic/canvas    

Sue in White hat       24x18   acrylic/canvas          

Big white hat   24x18  acrylic/canvas    

Sarah resting        30x24  oil/panel            

Amy in Red shirt       24x18  acrylic/canvas     

Apple IIe and IIc  in an imaginary office.
Bartered in 1985 for a complete Apple IIe system
Hung in the office of the general manager of Apple Computers, in Cupertino. 

1988,  SuperAmerica's newest store design.  30 x 40 oil/canvas
Hung in foyer of their new headquarters in Minnesota.
Bartered it  for products.

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S in Red hood     40x30    acrylic/canvas        

Fall stroll      30x40    acrylic/panel             gone

Black scarf     24x18 oil/canvas                gone 

Brushing hair         acrylic/canvas                   gone

Oval madonna    mat 24x18  pastels   sold 

Sue and Sarah     24x18  oil/canvas    

Greta In spindle chair   24x20  acrylic/canvas    

Before going on      24x18  oil/panel        gone

Two dancers     12x9   oil/canvas/panel    gone


Resting dancers     18x24  oil/canvas   gone

Dancers montage     24x30   mixed media/panel           gone


Tincher Realty                 18x24  oil/canvas                 sold