Sally McCready
(died Nov 23, 2008)

nee  Sarah Helen Wyman

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Here are some of Sally's fine art paintings that are not posted in that main website.      

Some of Sally's Portraits that are not shown in the main website are in another Google site at, 


Walter Mitty.  17 x11    Ink on toned paper 

Hunter & Dogs    14 x 20,   Casein on board

Miner   22 x 18   Oil on Canvas     

Lighthouse, Lake Michigan     18 x 30      Oil on Canvas

Worker  9-1/2 x 4-1/2  Scratchboard

GI and German grave, 7-1/2 x 5-1/2    scratchboard

Shells       9 x 14    Casein   

Below are works done after 1949 and
not posted on the main site at   mccreadyart.com

Pepper and Lemon       7 x 19                  Watercolor  


Eeyore 15 x 20.   Study for one of the 12 Winnie the Pooh characters she painted very large on Ben's nursery walls.
Trees in Mist     12 x16     Watercolor                 sold

Tornado     11 x 8     Watercolor

Flowers I  16 x 12  Watercolor

Forest Flora  13 x 9      Watercolor

Abstract  I          14 x 20                Watercolor

Roses  13 x 12   Watercolor

Bottle 12  x 8  Watercolor

Some Small ( 8 x10) Watercolors  

Bowl of Flowers  18 x 12  Watercolor

Blue Flowers        9 x 12     Watercolor  

Some of Sally's Portraits not on the main website appear in another Google site at, 

 Fine Art and Portrait Artist 

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Listed first here (in both columns) are works that Sally did in  courses taught by Carlos Lopez, her favorite professor while she earned her BA degree in Design (1949) in  the University of Michigan's,  School of Architecture and Design,


Walter Mitty, Detail.  Ink on toned paper 

Head Study  12 x 10  Ink on board   

Fisherman's Gear  30 x 24  Oil on Canvas

Tree & Wheelbarrow      6 x 8         Ink  on board

Waiter  9 x 3-1/2  Ink on paper

Butterfly    4-1/2 x 6 1/2   Casein    

Liquor Bottle   15 x 11 Casein

Below are works done after 1949 and
not posted on the main site at   mccreadyart.com

 Orange, Pepper and Lemons,  8 x 10  Watercolor    Sold 

Tree II      12 x 16        oil on canvas               sold

Sun behind Trees   16 x 20    oil on canvas        sold    

Flowers             8 x 12                   Waterciolor


 Flowers II  16 x 12  Watercolor  sold


Poppies         20 x 16    oil on canvas

Girl & Dog,  18 x 12   Watercolor
Copy of a Theodore Robinson painting.

Doggy by Tree  10 x 8  Oil on Canvas

Fall Tree   16 x 12     Watercolor     sold

Sunset     10 x 13               Watercolor 

Tulips       11 x 9        Watercolor

Purple Flower   14 x 11  Watercolor