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Parent info about Common Core (5th grade)  
2013 - Our Class Blog  
2011/12 Class Literature Blog This blog will introduce students to Web 2.0 tools to interact and collaborate in the digital world. To enrich their understanding of literature, we will be using this blog to pose questions and discussions about novels, famous quotes and possibly other curricular areas as the year progresses. 
SUMDOG math  Math Activities, differentiated to your own skill set! 
California outline   
Ordering from Scholastic Every time a parent places an order online, we earn a FREE book for our classroom library!  
Word Like is similar to a thesaurus Use wordslike to help your writing be more descriptive and interesting. Remember, Said is Dead! 
Our Class Library  
BrainingCamp free math games fun math practice (6th grade level) 
Cambrian SIte For Students  access to google aps and other student tools 
Our Classroom Edmodo  
Step up to Writing Basic Paragraph helper  
EnVision Math Online Success at school can be a shared learning experience! As a partner helping your child make the most of learning, Pearson SuccessNet offers the right tools for you and your child. It all begins with a simple login at the web site.  
4th grade Science cool resources directly correlated to our Science Program Foss Website with cool games and other fun sites 
Student Link for Bagby  see column on right for link to Google Apps log in 
Flying Hoops  
Bagby School site  
Cambrian District Web site  
Magnet Poetry Play with words, have fun! Write a poem, or a story! 
Chasing Vermeer In Depth  
Summertime Reading List  
you tube vide about using images from web  
Images that you can use and share Introduction to Creative Commons Licenses 
Games to practice with angles  
Powers of 10 - a film by Ray and Charles Eames  
Math Books, etc, for the classroom  
Math Books a list of math books that help make math engaging and fun 
Earthquake info  
Social Studies Supplemental Material links to primary sources, virtual field trips, games and activities 
Minerals TrackStar  
 Helpful links for mineral research 
41 Assets - Project Cornerstone Research has identified 41 "developmental assets" that have a proven relationship to healthy youth development. These assets include both external experiences which provide young people with support, empowerment and boundaries and the internal values, strengths and commitments that they need in order to thrive. As Asset Charts demonstrate, there is a direct relationship between increasing the number of assets and decreasing the incidence of high risk behaviors. 
Feed the world - play games Free Rice provides free rice to needy people through the UN's program for every correct answer. Warning - I find this site addicting! 
National Gallery of Art Interactive art that you can make online 
Exploratorium Hands-on activities, online exhibits, articles, videos, and more.  
Content Standards CDE standards for all curicular areas. For a 4th grade summary, click on attachment below. 
PhotoStory free download of Microsoft program we use to made slide shows and podcasts 
Math Facts Fun Way to Practice Math Facts! 
Our Little Earth subscription news for kids! 
Make your own super sentence with PicLits here is an example of one we made in class 
BuiLD YouR WiLD SeLF A fun web site to create your unique avatar! 
DRA Reading Level List A great resource for finding the reading level of books you already have, or selecting books at your child's level. 
Math Practice Practice makes perfect, and IXL makes math practice fun. With unlimited math questions in more than 1,000 topics, students improve their skills and confidence and always have new challenges to meet.  
CDE Reading lists  
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