Marvelous Make and Take Math Games

Workshop Presenter: Lori Fultz


Participants will make their own games that promote math, money, time-telling and memory skills. Games include Money Match, Telling Time Match, Equation Match, Sum 10 or Sum 100 Match, and Missing Addend Match.

See below some of the comments from participants re: the workshop and the presenter

Comments about the workshop--
  • I benefited much from this workshop, even though I am just a tutor for 8th graders. It got my mind considering other teaching possibilities and variations of games. It was also great to be able to sit with other teachers at the same table and hear their ideas and things that have worked for them while we worked on some of the workshop projects. Thanks to all who set it up!
  • I am using some of the games in my math intervention groups
  • It was awesome! Just wish there had been more time to learn more.
  • The class went too fast!  It was interesting and fun.  My only suggestion would be to spend a "little" less time playing the games so that there is more time to get more game ideas and time to make more of the games.
  • I enjoyed all the games that were presented and am hoping that I am able to modify them to work at the Junior level.
  • I think this could have been a two part workshop.  We, of course, ran out of time to finish some of the make and take projects.  I felt like there was more to learn from this presenter!
  • I LOVED this class!  She presented so many fun, useful ideas to make math learning fun.  One of the best parts was that her suggestions could be adapted for any age.
  • The workshop was great and the hours perfect.
  • I love that I was able to take materials home with me that I could use right away!
  • The games we created were all very practical ideas. Teaching children math skills through games keeps their interest and will help them enjoy the subject.
  • What a great resource! I loved that we had an opportunity to practice the games and take some of them with us for future reference.
  • I really enjoyed this workshop, I learned a lot.
  • It was a lot of fun, very interesting, and educational. It showed me a lot of new games I can use in the future with students. And I was able to make and take home games!

Comments about the presenter--
  • Enjoyed her subject. Her enthusiasm for finding ways to engage children was a welcoming sight.
  • Lori is very enthusiastic and willing to share her ideas. She made the presentation engaging.
  • Lori knew so much about kids and math and how to engage students. She even provided us with a lot of tips to make the games run efficiently. She was very nice and very welcoming. And she knew so much about the subject matter! I liked how she told us how we can adjust the games for different age groups.
  • The presenter knew what she was talking about and she was very personable.
  • She was clearly interested in what she was showing us and willing to answer all questions and help everyone with creating new games.
  • She was knowledgeable and very well prepared.  She was fun to listen to.
  • The presenters enthusiasm was great and very motivating.
  • Lori Fultz made the class very interesting and interactive.
  • Please have this presenter again.  She was well prepared and used all of our time with worthwhile training.  Thanks!
  • Lori did a great job teaching and getting us excited about the games.  I loved that she had us play the games instead of just telling us about them and then making them.  What a great way to get your participants involed in the workshop!  Also liked that all the supplies were ready to make the games.  We did not have to do the cutting or figuring.  Would love to attend another workshop that Lori teaches.  She even has me thinking about taking her Chilldren's Lit class.
  • Lori was a very informed and personable presenter.
  • She did a great job. I would definitely take one of her classes again.
  • She was very good with her information.
Annapurna Ganesh,
Mar 21, 2010, 6:54 PM