MCCL meeting minute December 7, 2011

Meeting was started with prayer by Jim Clark.

The meeting started by discussing the league tournament. Roncalli has been notified for the dates of

the tournament which are 10-13. Little Hoopers will play the first round of the tournament at Cabrini on February 5th and 6th . The rest of the tournament will be played at Roncalli on Saturday and Sunday.

Dave Pawloski will set up the brackets for the little hooper tournaments. The Big Hooper team will run

a round robin tournament on Saturday and Sunday. Gregg Schramm will set up the big hooper round

robin brackets. Jim Clark will contact Keith Bonde for the reffing. The last regular season game is on

February 5th. The seeding will be put together for the tournament right after the last game on the 5th.

Cabrini will cover concessions and door on Monday and Tuesday and keep the commissions. The

referees will be paid out of the door commissions. Cabrini will supply the book and clock for the

Cabrini games. St. Peter the Fisherman will cover the concessions at Roncalli and keep the

commissions. St. Peter the Fisherman will supply the book and clock for all the games on Saturday and


The host schools will email Aundre Owens the results of the games.

Gregg Schramm volunteered to be treasurer.

Gregg will be ordering t-shirts for the all-star team. Dan Franz will order the medals, trophies and

plaques for the tournament and league. Coaches should come to the meeting on January 11th with the

names of the players who will be on the All-star team.

Al Kliment will be given the lifetime achievement. Dan Franz will contact him for a bio to be read at the awards ceremony.

Aundre will take care of the scores of each game and keep track. Aundre will contact Al about the website.

The future of the MCCL was discussed. Options thrown out was asking the Lutheran League or looking

to the Sheboygan Area Catholic Schools. The January meeting coaches will bring any contacts they have

to start thinking about the future. Gregg suggested only having Junior Jets. Christine will send out a

reminder for the meeting. Jim will contact the principals from the schools that do not have teams in the league so they come to the meeting.

January 11th meeting agenda items:

  • Finalize tournament
  • All-star team and t-shirt sizes
  • Two copies of team picture
  • Team roster to Gregg Schramm

The host team will call if the games need to be cancelled due to weather. Host team will contact one

person from each school.

Respectively submitted,

Christine Schoenberger