Organic Disciplemaking

Mentoring others into spiritual maturity and leadership

Learn disciple-making from experienced practitioners!

- Dr. Dave Earley, Director for the Center for Ministry Training, Liberty University
"These are master disciple-makers! Dennis has personally mentored more people into spiritual maturity and leadership than anyone I know."

- Dr. John Perkins, President, John M. Perkins Foundation for Reconciliation & Development
"Organic Disciplemaking is biblical...I have said many times that this church represents authentic New Testament Christianity."

How did these authors from Xenos Christian Fellowship develop leaders for more than 270 home churches? No fancy program. They explain in practical and biblical terms how anyone can raise up disciples who raise up other disciples.

Key Issues Addressed:

  • Friendship building - Learn how to initiate and develop quality spiritual relationships as the foundation for making disciples;
  • Scripture -. Discover why and how to impart a life-long love of the Bible;
  • Modeling - Learn why some models are followed and some are not;
  • Prayer - Study how to help disciples move from prayerlessness to zealous prayer in each key area;
  • Personal counseling - Learn how to help your friends work through their problems;
  • Discipline in love - Learn how to carefully work with disciples who become unresponsive to God;
  • Ministry coaching - Learn how to lead your friends from a selfish view of spirituality to eager service of others;
  • Releasing - Go through how to foster independence and reliability in your disciples.

- Ralph Neighbor, Author, Where Do We Go From Here?
"The highly relational discipleship process the authors have written about is precisely what cell churches need..."

- Dr. Joel Comiskey, Author, Cell Church Solutions
"Biblical, practical, and insightful..."

- Dr Waylon B. Moore, Author, Multiplying Disciples
"Read this ministry lifting book! I was refreshed with insights..."