Program of Study

LDT Doctoral Program of Study

Graduate IDD Program of Study

EDIT 6210 Learning Environments Design II
Dr. Gregory Clinton, Spring 2012

ERSH 6300 Applied Statistical Methods in Education
Dr. Michael Engles, Spring 2012

EDIT 6190 Design and Development Tools II
Dr. Theodore J. Kopcha, Fall 2011

EDIT 8350 Instructional Product Evaluation
Dr. Ikseon Choi, Fall 2011

EDIT 7550 Management of Instructional Projects
Dr. Robert Branch, Summer 2011

ERSH 6200 Methods of Research in Education
Dr. Stephen Cramer, Summer 2011

EDIT 6400 Emerging Approaches to Teaching, Learning & Technology
Dr. Ikseon Choi, Spring 2011

EDIT 6200 Learning Environments Design I
Dr. Ikseon Choi, Spring 2011

EDIT 6190 Design and Development Tools I
Dr. Lloyd Rieber, Fall 2010

EDIT 6100 Introduction to Instructional Technology
Dr. Michael Orey, Fall 2010

EDIT 6170 Introduction to Instructional Design
Dr. Lloyd Rieber, Summer 2010

EDIT 6150 Introduction to Computing for Educators
Dr. Gregory Clinton, Summer 2010