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Login Access

Before you can use the cluster you will need to apply for a user account from using the web-form. 

When your user account has been created it is possible for you to access the cluster using the ssh protocol. If you are not familiar with ssh please read up on this elsewhere, e.g. try googling on the two most popular ssh clients: openssh and putty(windows). When familiar with your ssh client you will need a host name or IP address to connect to besides your user information. For the MCC compute cluster we have two hosts you can connect to:
  frontend1.mcc.uppaal.org            (fingerprint: e5:64:44:56:88:e6:08:21:b7:7f:18:77:08:65:bc:8e)      (IP address:
  frontend2.mcc.uppaal.org            (fingerprint: 69:c8:b1:d1:97:15:ba:cc:54:e8:b6:f9:72:0d:9f:c8)        (IP address:

In case one of the login nodes are inaccessible please try the other. When you initially connect to the hosts you will be prompted to confirm the ssh fingerprint of the login nodes. Please, make sure to confirm that it matches the servers fingerprint as listed above in order to prevent man-in-the-middle attacks.

To avoid having to type your password every time please setup key-based ssh login to avoid wasting time on every login and to improve security. At some later point password based logins will be disabled. For people using linux it may be as simple as running a single command. For Ubuntu please see:

If you are new to Linux you will need to start by reading up on how to use a Linux. Sources that may be a good starting point:
 * http://tldp.org/LDP/intro-linux/html/
 * http://tldp.org/LDP/Bash-Beginners-Guide/html/index.html
 * http://ubuntu-manual.org/ Chapter 6

SSH fingerprints of various machines: (hoegaarden) b0:06:30:55:d6:67:5c:6e:20:1d:2a:16:bd:c6:ac:ca 
bugsy.grid.aau.dk 78:b3:ae:19:23:cc:a2:6b:92:4e:8a:70:40:18:1e:7d 
chimay.grid.aau.dk SHA256:JXCAowbPFFZ/+s0iUiSotX+b4WK+6fsDLxrgMBpfghw (RSA)  SHA256:a1UANfK7irYxv3/oTKnZ/9WOo41uwM2m5qnEaIc4TKE (ECDSA)
orval.grid.aau.dk SHA256:Ng7Und5XR2ERcODKhC8N7S6qz6lv3TGAPCuEWP7LZfg (RSA)  SHA256:gXX2LV4m2rBV1anIw0D9lxr5y4gK9zOL6Hpkoyn8N7I (ECDSA)
westmalle.grid.aau.dk SHA256:hW+N/E0/twAeX62r+G6mmnJkcpl4WBMZtrdzbl+r4eM (RSA)  SHA256:IOBj3aT++L0RMVjlxrEon4Z9BBnapRNdD+5weGl04i4 (ECDSA)