Book Reviewers: Journal of Graphic Novels & Comics

Call for Book Reviewers for the Journal of Graphic Novels and Comics, Ongoing

The Journal of Graphic Novels and Comics is a peer reviewed journal published six times a year covering all aspects of the graphic novel, comic strip and comic book, with the emphasis on comics in their cultural, institutional and creative contexts. Its scope is interdisciplinary and international, covering not only English language comics but also worldwide comic culture. The journal reflects interdisciplinary research in comics and aims to establish a dialogue between academics, historians, theoreticians and practitioners of comics. It therefore examines comics production and consumption within the contexts of culture: art, cinema, television and new media technologies. The journal includes all forms of ‘sequential imagery’ including precursors of the comic but in the main emphasis will be on twentieth and twenty-first century examples, reflecting the increasing interest in the modern forms of the comic, its production and cultural consumption.

The Journal of Graphic Novels and Comics Book Review Editor is looking for one time and ongoing reviewers who are interested in reviewing books on comic and graphic novel scholarship. Reviews of single books are typically 600-1,000 words in length, while review essays of two books combined are usually up to 1,500 words. Reviews are due within eight weeks of receiving the book.

Here is a complete list of books currently needing reviewers:

Books are shipped to reviewers media mail to most locations globally.  Reviews should take no more than eight weeks.  The Book Review Editor works with each reviewer to edit his or her review into the prescribed journal format (Chicago Style) prior to the reviewer submitting their review through the online submission portal.  Reviews are peer reviewed prior to being published.  Once the review is posted, reviewers will receive a link to the review.  Reviewers may keep the book they reviewed. 

 If you wish to review a book or for more information, then please contact Michele Brittany, Book Review Editor at the following email address: