An Investment in Education for the Good of Children 
Our Country's Future




“Building a Future for the Next Generation”


The McBain Rural Agricultural School Foundation has been organized to promote, assist and initiate special educational goals.

The projects addressed are either not feasible under the operating budget of the school or are beyond the scope of the school’s responsibility.  This may include student scholarships, special equipment or plant needs, or support for extracurricular programs or designated projects as suggested by the donor.

The McBain Rural Agricultural School Foundation Board is determined to work for the benefit of all the district’s children.




Q.        Why does a small school need a foundation?  Is this an expense for the taxpayer?

A.         A small school, dedicated to providing quality service, can especially benefit from this     legal structure.  Limited school enrollment also limits special financial support from state and federal governments.  The advantages offered through the foundation are  endless, and this all done through no additional expense to the taxpayer.


Q.        Will foundation funds ever be used for salaries or regular operating expenses of the             school?

A.         No, absolutely not.  The foundation is designed to provide opportunities which cannot      be made available through the operating budget.


Q.        Who benefits from the foundation?

A.         First, the obvious beneficiaries are the children within our educational system.  Second, the donor may benefit through tax advantages and through the satisfaction gained by active and loyal support.  Third, the residents of the district benefit through an improved school system and through the positive reputation associated with a quality  education.


Q.        Are contributions to the foundation tax deductible?

A.         Yes, all money contributions are tax deductible.  Approved contributions of materials or supplies from business organizations are also tax deductible.  Contributions or real estate through requests by wills provide tax advantages.  The McBain Rural AgriculturalSchool Foundation is incorporated by the State of Michigan as a nonprofit organization and all contributions are fully tax deductible.


Q.        What kinds of contributions are normally made to foundations?

A.   Examples of gifts include: (1) money donations, (2) life insurance proceeds, (3) real         estate properties, (4) stocks/bonds, (5) approved services, (6) durable goods,                     

(7) bequests by wills, (8) gifts of love in memory of special people, and (9) matching gifts         from some employers.


Q.        What are the expectations of the alumni from the foundation?

A.    There are no expectations.  Your own family needs must come first.  Many alumni,          though, have genuine gratitude for their years in the McBain School system and are willing, eager and proud to contribute.  No one should feel pressured to participate.


Q.        May I donate a small sum to the foundation or is this designed for large gifts only?

A.         Most donations will be small sums.  No amount is too small and every gift will be greatly appreciated.  For projects such as annual scholarships, the small but consistent gifts year after year will allow the foundation board to plan wisely.


Continuing a Tradition of Excellence





Yes, I support the McBain Rural Agricultural School Foundation and ...


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_______   I would like to make a single donation in the amount of $______________.


_______   I am interested in including the McBain Rural Agricultural School Foundation in my                     will or trust.


_______   I cannot donate right now, but I will consider that opportunity at another time.


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