Researcher (PhD)


Postdoc Research Fellow
Centre for Ecology & Conservation
College of Life & Environmental Sciences
University of Exeter, UK


Symmetry-based reciprocity: evolutionary constraints on a proximate mechanism

Campennì M., Schino, G. (2016)

PeerJ 4:e1812

Cognitively Rich Architectures for Agent-Based Models of Social Behaviors and Dynamics: A Multi-Scale Perspective

Campennì M. (2016)
In: Cecconi, F. (ed.) New Frontiers in the Study of Social Phenomena, Springer International Publishing

Exchanging grooming, but not tolerance and aggression in common marmosets (Callithrix jacchus).
Campennì, M., Manciocco, A., Vitale, A., Schino, G. (2015)
American Journal of Primatology

Partner choice promotes cooperation: the two faces of testing with agent-based models.

Campennì M., Schino, G. (2014)

Journal of Theoretical Biology. 344, 49–55

Scientific interests:

Social Behavior: modeling of (pro)social behaviors, agent based modeling and simulation, modeling of non-human social behavior, artificial ethology, cooperation.

Cognitive Systems: artificial neural networks, genetic algorithms, modeling of cognitive architectures, learning and
evolutionary algorithms.

Marco Campenni,
Apr 27, 2016, 2:16 PM