Welcome to the official website of Marysville Charter Academy's TheatreTech Club! 

We are a club dedicated to training students on all aspects of the technical elements involved in theatre, and participate in all productions put on at MCAA! We offer training in all light and sound systems, along with backstage crew! 

Involvement in the club has many benefits. Participants get to experience the magic of putting on a production and learn valuable behind-the-scenes skills. Students involved in the club also have the opportunity to participate in competitions, such as the Lenaea Festival. Theatre builds a community, and as such is a great opportunity to meet new people and form long-lasting relationships. The club is also involved in ongoing projects in order to maintain the theatre and its equipment. Finally, there are Cast Parties (after each drama production) and Club Parties in celebration of accomplishments.

We have many exciting plans this year! Please click on the pages to the left to learn more about our club.