M. B. Willard

I am an assistant professor of philosophy at Weber State University (say "weeber"), in Ogden, Utah (pictured at the left from Waterfall Canyon), which is about fifty miles north of Salt Lake City.  I moved here in July of 2011; before that, I taught at Franklin & Marshall College.  I earned my PhD from Yale University in 2009.

My dissertation concerned a puzzle at the intersection of metaphysics and aesthetics: to what do we refer when we talk about fictional characters? I defended the view that fictional characters are best construed as abstract artifacts. My current projects have evolved out of each street at the crossroad, so to speak. My work in metaphysics focuses on questions of metaontology, methodology, and the possibility of philosophical progress.  In aesthetics, I'm interested in the relationship between the construction of fictional worlds, imagination, and moral persuasion.  

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