Main Features:

1. Wide operating input voltage range 6.5...32V (32V is the absolute maximum).

2. Each output can control independent voltage sources in the range of 1...32V.

3. High output frequencies:

  • Without heat sinks: at full load 0…2kHz, fully covering Arduino board’s default PWM speed.
  • With additional heat sinks on transistors: 4…25kHz at full power. 25…100kHz with smaller currents.

4. Dozens of protections for beginners and professionals:

● FlashBack ® (FlyBack) protection ● Five-level overcurrent protection! ● Overtemperature protection

● Power input polarity protection ● Too low logic +5V supply warning & protection ● Logic input & analogue output ESD protection

● Logic circuit overvoltage protection (TVS & PPTC) ● Logic circuit overcurrent protection with 0.5A PPTC

5. Three FeedBack outputs to Arduino’s analogue (user selectable) inputs. Current measure expression 1V/10A.

6. Four coloured status LED indicators on the PCB.

7. Input/output logic levels are universal 5.0/3.3/2.5V and work with many boards.

8. Integrated high efficiency step-down DC/DC converter 0.5A to supply Arduino +5V pins and the module itself.

9. Pins compatible with most popular Arduino boards (including NANO, UNO, and MEGA).

10. High quality components and power connectors with spring-cage technology (instruction - how to connect terminals right).

11. Maximum continuous total output power up to 800W. Maximum output power when stacked up to 1.5kW.

12. Operating ambient temperature: -20…+50° degrees Celsius.

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