Member, Scientific Advisory Board, Salk Harnessing Plants Initiative, 2019-

Professor, Department of Philosophy, Rutgers University, 1994- 2016.

Director, The Rutgers Initiative on Climate and Social Policy. 2007-2011.

Senior Scholar, The Van Leer Institute, Jerusalem, 2002-2003.

Vice-Chair, Undergraduate Program, Department of Philosophy, Rutgers University, 1995-1999.

Vice-Chair, Graduate Program, Department of Philosophy, Rutgers University, 1985-1989.

Associate Professor, Department of Philosophy, Rutgers University, 1982-1994.

Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy, Rutgers University, 1976-1982.

Member, Graduate School, Rutgers University, 1984- .

Associate Member of Graduate School, Rutgers University, 1977-1984.

Lecturer, Department of Philosophy, University of Minnesota, 1974-1975.

Research Fellow, Department of Psychiatry, University of Minnesota, 1971-1973.



Ph.D. (Philosophy) University of Minnesota, 1977. B.A. (Economics) summa cum laude, University of Minnesota, 1970.



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Invited comment on "Why Having a Mind Matters" by Mark  Johnston, at The Philosophy of Donald Davidson, Rutgers University, 1984.

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Invited  comment  on  "Causal Priority”, by  D.  Hausman  at  the American Philosophical Association, 79th. Annual Meeting, 1982.

"The Social and Biological”, Union College, 1980.Invited  member of panel on "Philosophy in the  Media”,  American Philosophical  Association,   75th.  Annual   Meeting,   Eastern Division, 1978.

Invited member of panel on "Philosophy in the  Media”,  American Philosophical  Association,   75th.  Annual   Meeting,   Eastern Division, 1978.

Invited comment on "Elegance in Scientific Theories”, by R. Munson and T. Ross, delivered at the annual meetings of the American Association of Aesthetics, 1978.



 “Geoengineering and Ethics”, Royal Society, 2009, National Academy of Science, 2009.

Chair, Roundtable on “How to Evaluate a Campaign before it is Over”, Behavior, Energy and Climate Change Conference, Sacramento, 2008.

Chair, Workshop on Geoengineering and Agricultural Economics, Rutgers, 2008.

Chair, Workshop on Geoengineering and Equity, Rutgers, 2008.

Discussant, Board of Public Utilities, New Jersey, 2008.

Participant, Workshop on Geoengineering, Council on Foreign Relations, Washington DC, 2008.



Contributing editor, China Dialogue (www.chinadialogue.net .)

Co-organizer (with Stephen Hanson): Conference on methodological issues in FMRI research to be held at Rutgers April 27th-28th 2006. (Funded by Rutgers. Co-Sponsored by the Philosophy Department, RUCCS and RUMBA.)

Organizer: Initiative on Voter Reform, at the Van Leer Institute, Jerusalem, 2003.

Organizer: The Ethics and Economics of Contemporary Slave Redemption Programs, a closed conference at Princeton University (with Anthony Appiah), 2003.

Organizer: International Conference on Foundational Issue in Biology, at the Van Leer Institute, Jerusalem (with Eva Jablonka), 2003.

Co-principal Investigator for research project on affirmative action in Israel.

Co-principal Investigator for research project into community funding the Israel’s Arab community,

Organizer: Working group on Unilateral Separation, at the Van Leer Institute, Jerusalem, 2002.

Chair, Rutgers-Soros Committee, 1989-1993.

Co-chair,  Rutgers  Faculty  Seminar on the  Use  of  Animals  in Experimental Research, 1984-1985.

Chairperson, Conference on Methods, 1982-1983.

Co-founder  of the Philosophy and Medicine Group of the New  York Society for Philosophy and Public Affairs.

Co-developer of Logos, an interactive computer program for first order deductive logic, for by Control Data Corporation.



U.S. GAO, 2010, Reviewer, Geoengineering scenarios.

BPU, 2008-2009, Co-Chair, Energy Master Plan Education Outreach committee.



PSEG, 2010 $410,000 for research on consumer attitudes toward conservation and climate change. (Co-applicant with Gretchen Chapman.)

BPU, 2009 $50,000 for research on consumer attitudes toward conservation and climate change.

PSEG, 2008, $50,000 for research on consumer attitudes toward energy conservation and climate change.

NSF, 2007, $35,000 for research on equity aspects of geoengineering. (Co-principal Investigator.)

The Ford Foundation, 2002, $75,000 for research on affirmative action in Israel. (Co-principal Investigator.)

The Ford Foundation, 2002, $75,000 for research into community funding the Israel’s Arab community, (Co-principal Investigator.)

Van Leer Institute of Jerusalem, 1999- 2002, Fellowship (half-time).

NJ  Department of Higher Education, 1985, $14,500 for  Foundation of Cognitive Science Speakers Series.

Council on Instructional Development, 1985, $5,500 for Cognitive Science Group.

NJ Council on the Humanities 1985, $1,300 for Philosophy in the State Program.

Exxon Foundation, 1984, $12,292 for membership development of the Conference on Methods in Philosophy and the Sciences.

Rutgers  University  Junior Fellowship, 1981,  full  relief  from teaching, for general research.

Control Data Corporation, 1978-1980, $20,000 for the  development of a computer program to teach logic.

N.E.H., 1976, $10,000 for research into the role of philosophy in radio and television.

L.E.A.A., 1973, $30,000 for research into the development of maturity of moral judgment.