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MBS Plugins Reference project
This software is a utility for MBS Plugin Xojo (Real Studio) by MonkeyBread Software of Christian Schmitz.
The purpose of this project is to collect all the items and informations and group them. The developer can quickly and easily retrieve the information they need from a single window.
The software will remain in state of "demo" until all data are entered and will be aligned with the package in distribution. In the meantime will be fixed and updated regularly (see section Work in progress). When the software will be ready for distribution, there will be a demo version and the paid version.
The application was developed in Xojo (only standard controls), with the support of a SQLite database and available for Mac OS X and Windows.
  • Browse by Topic > Component [1] > Member [2], with several filters to restrict the search and show the reference page [5] with information on item selected.
  • Browse by Plugin > Plugin Part (optional) > Component [1] > Member [2], with several filters to restrict the search and show the reference page [5] with information on item selected.
  • Find Components[1] by argument (Theme > Section > Subject)
  • Find items in Topic/Plugin, Component or Member by text in the name
  • Find constants in Topic/Plugin by group
  • Find items Added, Updated, Deprecated or Removed with every Version
  • Apply Bookmark to most used items for quickly retrieve. The Bookmarks defined can be exported from current version and imported in the new
  • Browse the Topics and show the utilisation of the Components in Plugin, the Component hierarchy and if the Component is Abstract, Console safe/unsafe, Extension and/or Exception
  • Browse the Plugins and show the source of the Components in Topic and Class dependencies (direct & indirect)
  • Browse the Plugin Parts and show the Entry points
  • Release notes of all versions (from 2.0) with filters by arguments (Bug fixed, Added, Updated, Deprecated, Removed, Libraries and Notes). Prerelease notes of all versions available (from 10.3). Optional text search in the items to restrict the Versions.
  • Compatibility MBS<>Xojo versions. Browse the MBS package to show the Xojo (Real Studio) version compatible or browse the Xojo (Real Studio) to show the MBS package compatible. From this window you can view also the Xojo requirements and Xojo release notes.
  • Browse the FAQ with filters by arguments (DynaPDF, Hardware, Mac OS, Windows, etc...). From this window you can also browse all Mac and Win errors.
  • Browse the Libraries and show the utilisation in Plugin, the release used in the MBS version and optional info
  • Statistics with Overview section on Release, Topics, Plugins, Components, Members, FAQ, Libraries, etc. Components and Members sections (divided by type and system compatibility). History of Topic, Plugin, Components and Members. "the most" section with several ranking.
  • iOS kits section with general info, requirements and hystory. Browse by Kit > Interface [3] > Member [4], with several filters to restrict the search and show the reference page [5] with information on item selected
  • SQLite extension section with general info and history. Browse with filter by arguments (Math, String, Blob, Checksum, Regular expression and System) to show the reference page [5] with information on item selected.
  • ... more in the next releases!
  • [1]: The term "Component" includes: Classes, Modules, Controls and Interfaces. In addition you can find "([topic name] global methods)". Is a "virtual" Component used only for group Global methods in Topic.
  • [2]: The term "Member" includes: Global methods, Methods, Properties, Shared methods, Shared properties, Events and Constants.
  • [3]: The term "Interface" includes: Classes and Modules.
  • [4]: The term "Member" includes: Properties, Shared Properties, Subs, Shared Subs, Functions, Shared Functions, Protected Properties, Protected Subs, Protected Functions, Computed Properties, Shared Computed Properties, Constants and Enumerations.
  • [5]: The reference page contain the identification data, syntax, function, example and notes of item.
Work in progress:
  • Completion of item reference pages (currently about 81% done)
  • Check of item chronology informations (Add, Update, Deprecated or Removed) and notes (item renamed or change of parameters, etc...). By examining the release notes, will be recreated the item history (as far as possible!)
  • Print procedures