Oracle Menu (om) - a tool for DBA's (eBusiness suite & Core)

What does it do?

Very useful for apps DBA's, core DBA's and unix users. Download the documentation below and have a look.

It just helps with often performed tasks and navigating around the file system and can give you useful information quickly.
It can help you perform some of the more monotonous tasks a DBA has to perform without having to know too much.
It can help you if you work between many sites often as it can hide some of the underlying differences, such as filesystem layout etc.

Most features are not documented - I'll work on that. Only strange ones are documented. Most are immediately obvious from running the menu as the options appear as numerated lists (menu items). If you dont get many menu options try setting your environment (using the menu to do it or otherwise).

You can drop to a shell at anytime by pressing 's', this will spawn a shell at the current location.
You can drop into sqlplus '/as sysdba' at any time (if you have the right variables set) by pressing 'S'.
You can get a list of shortcut keys by pressing 'h'.
You can get a debug screen showing an overview of important variables and a summary of whats running on the box by pressing 'D'

Not tested on all UNIX variations - just works on the most common ones I use (Solaris, AIX, Linux, tru64, HP-UX).

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