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Shipping Form

To save time at our store, you may print the Parcel Shipping Form pdf file below. If you are sending multiple packages to the same address, you only need to write in that information once. Please provide as much information as possible: The Name/ address/ phone/ apartment/ of the both the sender and receiver, and the sender's e-mail address (So we can send the tracking number to you). These forms are for items in which YOU ARE PAYING US FOR THE SHIPPING COSTS. If you are using an account number, ie your's, your company's or the receiver's account number, we will provide you with a different form to fill out in the store. If you have a pre-paid barcoded shipping label, or ARS label or RS label, you do not need to fill out the parcel shipping form.
Tim Donovan,
Aug 21, 2012, 11:24 AM