Intro: As an independent shipping source, we have access to the major shippers, such as FedEx, DHL, USPS, and UPS. We also have freight arrangements for larger shipments, crates etc. Having all of these options available to you in one location ensures that we can find the best scenario for your situation. We can look at what your priorities are regarding time frame, budget, packaging, etc., and advise you accordingly.

Shipping Time and Rates:  We can advise you on all your options, based on your needs. Generally the faster you want it there, the more it will cost. Items to most of New England and nearby New York can usually be reached with Ground Service in one business day. However, if you want to send a 10 lb, 12" square box to Seattle, WA, here is what you might be looking at: Next morning by 10:30 FedEx Express Service would be about $150.00. It could be sent by USPS Priority Mail for two-three day delivery for about $38.00; BUT,  IF  it will fit in their Large Flat Rate Box, it could be $21.00. And FedEx Ground service, at five business days, would be about $19.50. (2016 prices - but just an example to show you the variations that exist. )
Signatures, Delivery Confirmation, Tracking: As a general procedure, ALL carriers will leave a package at the delivery address when they feel it is safe and secure to do so; EXCEPT when one of these conditions (and possibly others) exist:
Signature Required: There is a additional fee for this service from all carriers. A "Signature Required" may be necessary with certain service selections or insurance thresholds, or when shipping certain types of items. 
Multi Unit Residential: The package MAY be left at the door of the individual unit, or at a staffed office. This depends on the history of the recipient/area/location and is generally at the discretion of the driver. If the package is left there, it is considered delivered; and at this point is not eligible for any coverage for non-delivery.  
Commercial location: Packages delivered to commercial locations are usually signed for; although this is not a requirement. If a signature is required, pay the additional fee for "Signature Required" service.
Tracking: This is always included with FedEx, DHL, and UPS shipments at no additional charge. It is available with freight shipments, sometimes at a limited degree, and with varying quality across the USPS services. Under
normal conditions, we will email the tracking number to you in the late afternoon of the day we send out your shipment. Please check your "spam" or "junk" folder if you don't see the email - sometimes they end up there.
The email subject will be similar to: 
" Your FedEx Tracking No. From MBP ", and will be coming from:  mbplusri @ gmail. com
Delivery Confirmation: This is the final scan of FedEx, DHL, UPS, Freight, and USPS. This is not necessarily a "tracking", but just what it says, a "Delivery Confirmation." 
Should I require a signature?: This depends on the situation. If you are adding insurance to a parcel, its a good idea to require a signature. Keep in mind that if the recipient is not available, they may have to go pick it up at the carrier's facility later that day, or wait until the next business day for another delivery attempt to be made. Although, as in investing, "Past performance is no indication of future results" - in the past five years with the many thousands of packages we've shipped, 1- (one) has been stolen. But from time to time, especially around Christmas, we hear news stories  of people following the delivery truck and stealing packages off of front stairs.
So the risk of potentially losing it or delaying the delivery has to be weighed against paying the $5.00 or so for a signature.